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Alan Peat? Thoughts???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Penguin1212, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Recently attended a conference with Alan Peat and thoroughly enjoyed it..
    Found his ideas to be simple and effective - much on the line to 'Why have I never thought of that' or 'Yes I always wanted to say/do that...'
    Have any of you implemented his ideas without him being directly involved with your school? What are your thoughts? I am excited to use his ideas and seems our staff our to....but just wondering???
  2. Gratzia

    Gratzia New commenter

    I attended an Alan Peat day last year. I thoroughly enjoyed it too. His ideas sounded amazing and effective. He is a good speaker and is able to sell his ideas and resources - his stories were very amusing.
    I introduced some of his ideas to my class and shared the books that I had purchased with the rest of the staff but it's like everything - the novelty wears off. I did the same on a Ros Wilson day a few years ago!!!
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  3. We are in the second year of using his 'sentence types' and 'parts grid'( hope that makes sense to you?) Initially we only used them in year six, as we needed a speedy improvement in our writing results. Our writing marks improved dramatically: especially for text structure and punctuation.
    I work as a TA in year six and and again we have seen huge improvements in the standard of writing this year.
    We started rolling out the new approach to the rest of the school in September. So far feedback from other year groups has been very encouraging.
    Whilst we were lucky enough to have Alan come to our school last September, to deliver a training day, we have implemented his approach without his ongoing involvement.
    Speaking as both a TA and also a parent of two children taught using theses methods I would highly recommend taking his approach and implememting it as best fits your school.
  4. Thank you!!!
    We are going to use some of his ideas now with classes but with the idea of rolling it out 'formally' in September once we have all developed our posters and decided on the consistent language!
    Introduced 'Bare Bums on a ruby post' today the kids LOVED IT, much better than using a hand!! lol....some have already taken to drawing in it their books in the corner! I hope the rest has a big impact, I have great writers but they are VERY static at the moment ------ ANy other opinions!!??
  5. sorry RUGBY!

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