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Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by guisseppe, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hi All,
    I, along with my partner are heading to Al Khor at the end of August for a Sept start after btoh securing jobs recently at the same school.
    We are leaving all our lovely friends behind in London, and so need to find some new ones.
    If your heading out that way, please drop me a line / pm.
  2. didaxis

    didaxis New commenter

    make contact with the Doha Sub Aqua club (whether a diver or not), the Doha Rugby Footbal Club (whether a rugby player or not) and the Doha Players (if you're into amateur dramatics) and you'll soon have lots of decent friends. Each of these has a website you can google and all welcome new members DRFC does have a wiaitng list if you're not a rugby player. Al Khor is really not far from Doha and Doha has much better social life.
  3. Just sent you a PM. Await your reply. Ta!
  4. Hi Gispee, Charlotte,

    Myself, wife and baby are coming to Al Khor this September so would be great to have some contacts too. Slightly daunted by the 'compound community'. Not sure what to expect. Clique or not? We shall have to see!

    Anyway my emal is c k t r at yahoo co uk. There are no spaces and a few dots after yahoo. Hope you can work it out!

    Mark, Carlene and Mia

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