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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Training_2_Teach, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    Anyone know much about this school? Currently advertising for primary/secondary posts. Is it worth applying for? What kind of salary/accomodation can I expect?

  2. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    Just checked, Salary/accomodation is on the school's website.
  3. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    I was looking at this myself, does anyone know if this is a good school to work for?
  4. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    Is this the school which sounds like "Cor!!"?
    If it is, its nowhere near Doha.
  5. Hello the place is an absolute nightmare! Discipline is like that in the worst British Sink school, staff moral is at an all time low. The leadership whilst completley incapable of controlling the children exercise their many powers on the staff instead. Stay away...stay well away!
  6. soni

    soni New commenter

    Really exuk??????
    I am currently at the school and will staying on for a 3rd year.
    In fact lots of staff staying on.
  7. soni

    soni New commenter

    Oh sorry, currently in my 3rd year and will be staying for a 4th.
  8. absolutley not, do your research on the internet, this place should be avoided at all costs. There are lots of good schools in Doha itself which are superb.
  9. Yes the school in question is about 50K outside of Doha, the compound that it is on is very nice, but there is nothing else nearby.
    The school itself used to be a lovely place,small and friendly that was in the days when the oild company used to run it, then unfortunatley the day to day running was taken over by an Educational management company and it started a down hill slide.
    I am not going to start giving you all the bad points on here, for one thing it would take for hours and for another thing the schools management woulod simply come on trying to pretend to be teachers and the whole thing would become clouded.
    Do your research on the internet, there is a whole mass of information on about it, in particular I would suggest you join the Forum for International schools, you know the one where they do the reveiws of international schools. If you do not know what I mean add me as a friend and contact me and I will tell you.
    As for Qatar itself, well its a great place and safe for single ladies.
    hope this helps!

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