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Airport advice please

Discussion in 'Personal' started by valencia, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. valencia

    valencia Occasional commenter

    Hi, on our return trip from the Philippines, we have a 9 hour wait for our connecting flight at Abu Dhabi airport, I was wondering if its possible to leave the airport (to kill the time) and would we need a visa or some type of pass? If we can, is there anything to do, nearby? Thanks in advance
  2. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Check-in at Abu Dhabi usually starts at least four hours before flight departure for Etihad and three hours before flight departure for all other Airlines and closes one hour before flight departure. This will reduce your available time to about five hours.

    Read this. www.abudhabiairport.ae/.../more-than-4-hours.aspx
  3. valencia

    valencia Occasional commenter

    Thanks nomad, appreciated...2 long flights, but a means to an end...worth it
  4. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    I can recommend visiting the mosque, it's incredible.


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