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ahhhhhhh stupid essay

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by snoopy_145, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Hi

    Has anyone done an essay on Assessment for Learning that they wouldn't mind me looking at got really stuck on this one and its now driving me mad

  2. Hi

    Has anyone done an essay on Assessment for Learning that they wouldn't mind me looking at got really stuck on this one and its now driving me mad

  3. Hi - check out this link if you want a massive file that has a whole years' worth of complete, highest graded student teacher assignments! hope this helps!!

  4. hey snoopy im doing that essay too..driving me nuts-if anyone has one we cud look at twud be great!!
  5. I got one, If you want I can send you. Not very good, if you want I can send you.
  6. Shirley Clarke has some really interesting books on this topic.

    Do you have to do any school based research? If so what does your school use- it's a hot topic at the moment.

    Individual targets
    thumb tool/fist of five
    traffic lights (or similar 'I do not understand, I understand some of it, I understand all of it')
    peer assessment
    2 stars and a wish
    skills ladders
    success criteria

    Then ask yourself what is the value of these assesments?

    E.g. children become aware of what is needed to improve, children can set targets (on their own or with teacher/peer support) and work towards improvement, meaningful learning......
  7. I did an assignment in my second year on assessment for learning. I got a first (80%) which must have meant it was alright lol! not sure i can email it you coz i know myself it would be too tempting to pick up a quote/discussion or two. Can suggest some reading/odd quotes if u like? whats the question exactly? my assignment was 6200 words so might have had to be in more detail than yours...

  8. This was the reading i gathered for the assigment. Inside the Black Box was the biggest help to me, its a tiny pamplet type book to read and told me everything i needed as a starting point. Wiliam and Black are good to quote and Shirley Clarke. Vicky Hutchin is good for the early years. :eek:)

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    ? http://k1.ioe.ac.uk/tlrp/arg/publications.htm
  9. zayu that wub b great..thanks noeloc@gmail.com thats my email..appreciated-
  10. BigFish111 has been banned five times.

    He constantly spams these forums.

    Do a search on his name - 56 posts tonight.

    The resources he produces and sells are very poor and were previously available for free on the TES website until he got them taken down.

    I will make them free for everyone as I am sick and tired of his spamming.

    If you teach History then perhaps his overpriced resources might be helpful - otherwise, ignore them like the plague.

    If you want his resources sent to you free I will send them - I got them from someone on the TES forums and am happy to pass them on.

    email me - do NOT post here as spammers will spam you!


    I will mail the resources out as one mailing in seven days time.
  11. Again mike henderson, your post is hypocritical....

    why are you slating these resources and then offering to email them for free?

    why are you saying that email addresses get spammed and then posting yours in full?

    and to the OP: ***. You are on a post-graduate course. Get on with your assignment and stop putting people in positions where they feel they should lend you theirs. Do some work.
  12. Mike henderson,
    You tried to pull the plug on my copyrighted teacher resources before. I am getting closer to finding out who you are. I see that you are not ashamed to put your name to this blatant act.
    It is not illegal to post adverts that are of use to other people in a forum. However, it is highly illegal to pass on copyrighted goods.
    Maybe you could e-mail me at tetaylor25@gmail.com and we could arrange a face to face meeting to talk about this like adults instead of you getting unnecessarily silly on this forum. I have a few ideas as to who you are and i have a big log on the wrongs that you have done against me.

    With regards to 56 posts - these have been done over a period of time. Generally I post around ten posts per day which out of 7000 posts a day is not that many. I also have started to select only the directly relevant posts in which to reply to. I strongly suggest that you do not pass on my resources.

    Under a pseudonym I will be contacting your e-mail to gather more info on you. You are doing a bad thing.

    Apologies to everyone else - if you do wish to have this file then please go through the proper channels and visit our website at

    www. teacherresources.741.com

    Thank you.
  13. I know this post is from a while ago but i wondered if you still had a copy of the essay you did and whether you would mind sending me a copy? Email is chani15uk@yahoo.com.
  14. Hey, was just reading your post and was wondering if you still had the assessment for learning essay. If so i would be sooo grateful if you could send it to me. My email address is achitadesai@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you!
  15. Hey please could someone forward the assignment to me too [:)
    My email is l_a_black@hotmail.com
  16. thequillguy

    thequillguy New commenter

    419eater.com morelike! The thing about assessment for learning is that it's perhaps the one initiative in 30 years that almost all teachers have agreed is a good idea.
  17. Hi there
    I am doing an essay on assessment for learning.
    Would you be able to suggest a few interesting books for this?
    Many thanks :)

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