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Ahhhh OFSTED...river ideas desp needed

Discussion in 'Primary' started by frances05, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. frances05

    frances05 New commenter

    ...well we got the call. They are in next week for two days. I have my lessons planned 'in my head'....well apart from Geog "Rivers". I really have no idea but I know we are at the stage of introducing river features.

    Any ideas??
  2. frances05

    frances05 New commenter

    ...well we got the call. They are in next week for two days. I have my lessons planned 'in my head'....well apart from Geog "Rivers". I really have no idea but I know we are at the stage of introducing river features.

    Any ideas??
  3. I did poems for Ofsted. Leave your email and Ill send you my lesson plan. Might help as a start?
    Jo x
  4. Get hold of a large sand tray from foundation, make a slope of sand, pour water on top slowly and with any luck you will have a reasonable demo of main features.
  5. frances05

    frances05 New commenter

    Thanks for the offer Jo but we did poems as a start to the topic---unless you have a poem about the features?


    Like that idea Cally.....unfortunately obtaining sand and a big enough tray would be a nightmare as middle school....however I am sure there must be something!
  6. squirrel9367

    squirrel9367 New commenter

    We make playground rivers . Do you have a slope and a large plastic sheet?

    Have cut and pasted this from planning but booklet in school. Can send you planning if you leave email. (I'm geog coordinator but don't teach the rivers unit)

    Playground Rivers -
    Creating a river system on slope of playground using a mix of peat, pea gravel, sand and soil ? then hosing water over to see what happens. (See Instruction Booklet).

    Children first predict the course of the river and then place river terms once created.

    Once practical activity is complete write up:
    1) an annotated diagram explaining how to make the river e.g. equipment needed, instructions on what we did ? predictions, creating river, labelling.
    2) What the river shows? annotated diagrams of river created ? labels, descriptions and explanations e.g. Deposition = is where the river slows down and loses energy and the rivers load is dropped on the side of the river where the water flows more slowly.

  7. squirrel9367

    squirrel9367 New commenter

  8. squirrel would you mind emailing it to me as I cover rivers as part of the 'Our Planet' topic we are doing. juliejd@tiscali.co.uk

    There are river videos on Teachers TV that show a birds eye view of rivers. Have you got Espresso as they are on there too.
    But getting out and doing the activity on the playground is the way I would go if Ofsted looming .
    Good luck
  9. frances05

    frances05 New commenter

    Thanks...have planned lesson but will look at hants stuff to see if can incorporate

  10. frances05

    frances05 New commenter

    ah I can't download it! Squirrel, is there anyway you can email it to me?
  11. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    I know this was a while ago but I would love to see the planning, but I'm not a member of the Hantsweb. Could you email it to me?


  12. Hi there

    Like the ideas you have above. Can you please send me the river/water plannning please. I am looking at doing rivers and water together as part of the creative curriculum. ANy help greatly appreciated as i am stuck. My email is sparkle1978@live.com

  13. Hello
    Just seen your post about Rivers and making them. I realise it was written in 2008 but was wondering if you could email me the instruction booklet please? We are now doing the Chris Quigley skills based curriculum and the topic is Raging Rivers.

    Thanks in advance. My email is amyjapanuk@yahoo.com

  14. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I know its late are these of use?
  15. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Might be a bit late as this thread was posted in 2008!
  16. Please can you email me the booklet too? I have looked everywhere for it online! Thanks!
  17. Thanks oldsomeman, it may be an old post but when searching for ideas it was perfect!! x
  18. Do you have the instruction booklet still? Please if anyone has it I'm desperate for it! My email is annatucker1@hotmail.com. Thank you!
  19. tairawatkins

    tairawatkins New commenter

    Did you ever receive the booklet? I am also desperate to see it and wondered if you have managed to track it down?
  20. I would also be very grateful if someone could send me a copy of the instruction booklet for playground rivers. I also can't access Hampshire website. My email is scalpyg@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!

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