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Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by savk, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. savk

    savk New commenter

    Hi Theo,
    i am a very experienced HOD (11 years) and stepped down to MS teacher this academic year.
    I went on interview for a HODs position on friday and realised, that may be i don't want to be doing the same role anymore. I have found that HOD positions in my subject area inherently have the same issues - i have been into numerous depts and have to sort out the mess left by long tterm sick staff/wrong syllabi etc
    I am wondering when is it the right time to either apply for an Assistant head's job and the types of credentials required?
    Alternatively, i am seriously considering developing my experience in the Pastoral side of the profession.
    Any guidance would be appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance
  2. jago123

    jago123 Established commenter

    I'm confused. You stepped down from a HoD position after 11 years but now you want to be an Assistant Headteacher. Why is this? Seems apparent to me, you personally do not know what you actually want.
  3. savk

    savk New commenter

    i think you may have a valid point.
    Personal circumstances and life meant that i have been in HOD in 3 schools since 2013 (each department has had a lot of issues which needed to be sorted, which i would do) - my last school, after coming our of Special Measures restructured and without any consultation with me as HOD or SL, the curriculum was over hauled and my TLR was going to be reduced by half.
    I suffered a lot of stress as a result of unreasonable SLT demands (marking all my controlled assessments which were completed on a Friday, over the weekend and had to be on the head's desk on the Monday; i lost 15/30 lesson to core subject interventions - but i was still being asked why the students were not getting their grades??!! ) and decided that i needed to give myself a break and focus on my teaching practice - hence return to classroom.

    However, a term in, seeing someone do the job not so well, that i am very good at - i realised that i had made a mistake. But being mainscale has given me a break, and allowed me to teach another subject too, out of my specialism.

    I went on interview last week for a HOD's job and was not myself convinced that i wanted to do the job.

    I have always wanted to be involved in the Sixth form - as a result am considering the pastoral role which would thereby allow me to be involved in the sixth form. Last time i was i was 6th form tutpr was as an NQT and for 3 years at my first school.
    I am seeking advice the route i should take - i could be brave and apply for a 6th form (which usually are assistant headteacher roles) role knowin i am out of touch, alternatively, i could take the pastoral role.
  4. davidmu

    davidmu Occasional commenter

    I think you need to show the ability to recently hold down a HOD or similar job for a period of 4 years or so before applying for an AHT role. My experience of interviews would strongly suggest this.
    savk likes this.
  5. savk

    savk New commenter

    I am assuming in the same school?
    Thank you for this - i wish i had known or been aware of this before.
    Strategically, it makes sense.
  6. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    I think that you need to decide exactly which route you wish to take, and then look at the jobs towards which you are aiming.

    Then you look at the person specification or job description for this role from a number of schools (use TES Jobs), and work yourself towards getting this relevant experience and these relevant skills.

    Why yes - I would expect AHT jobs to include relevant and recent experience of middle management. A Curriculum AHT would require HoD, a Pastoral AHT would expect HoY.

    Better for at least 3-4 years in one school, to show progression and impact.

    Best wishes

  7. savk

    savk New commenter

    Thank you both for your advise.
    My strengths and competences are in HOD positions and i have the relevant experience to support my success of leading and managing difficult departments.
    My search this will focus on that and seeking a school whereby in the lcoal community i can settle.
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Speaking as someone who is regularly involved in interviewing candidates for SLT posts in a variety of schools, I'd say that you stand very little chance of being considered now that you've stepped down from HOD to main scale. The reason is simple: it looks like you couldn't cope.
  9. savk

    savk New commenter

    I did consider that at the time.
    I had been Hod since 2004, and I have inheried some diasterous departments and turned them around, my 2 successes are that i had the second best results in the school after Maths! in 2 VERY different schools.
    But needed the regain work life balance and reassess my options.

    It seems i'm back at the bottom and need to start again. HoD roles it will be.

    Thank you for your feedback and insight.

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