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Agh!!!!!!!Does anyone else ever feel like exploding about their teaching assistant!!!???

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cath1980, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Exactly!!! I wouldn't even bother asking my TA to do those things as she would literally need a whole morning or afternoon. Am dreading tomorrow
  2. cheekychops

    cheekychops New commenter

    I also find her priorities are not my priorities. When the children are say being really noisy and a bit of adult direction is needed it goes completely over her head. Her priorities are things like writing names on letters to be given out at the end of the day when all around are going loopy. Oh no you've got me started
  3. Sorry!!!! [​IMG]
  4. The point where the one attached to my old class (for there's a thread in Primary with them kicking off at being referred to as "my TA".. or asked to do photocopying or anything...) took it as a matter of vital importance to climb over a carpetful of assembled children in order to show me photos of her tortoise mid-lesson was my personal breaking point...
    Apparently the vet had said he was the happiest tortoise he'd ever seen. Quite how this was important to the lesson I do not know, or indeed how you identify a happy (or miserable) tortoise.
  5. You have made me laugh
  6. cheekychops

    cheekychops New commenter

    Do you ever find your TA wanders around the setting aimlessly. I have had the day from hell today non stop busy, busy whereas my TA seems to wander but does very little - have tried timetabling activities for her but am really fed up of holding her hand and having to direct her at every moment. Boo hoo i Think I am ready for retirement
  7. I have a student with me now she's really nice and very helpfull, first in a long time she actually does things before I ask, wipes tables before snack, mops, empties bins at the end of the day, I will be sad to see her go in 3 weeks.

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