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Agency work

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Newmember91, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Newmember91

    Newmember91 New commenter

    hi, I've got an interview with an agency Tuesday, I've read the long thread on interview questions (just in case it is that type of interview) and written loads down to practice. Could anyone tell me what to expect? I qualified as level 3 in 2010, stupidly stayed in the shop job I was doing while in college for a year and every interview I've had I've been turned down due to lack of experience then became pregnant so been a stay at home mum due to cost of childcare. I've paid for the dbs check ready too so hoping it all goes well Tuesday and get offered a job quickly, is that likely to happen? I'm a bit clueless as to how it all works as I never really looked into it before, only applied now after someone telling me that agencies can be really good and you can limit how far you have to travel for work so fingers crossed! x
  2. Charl218

    Charl218 New commenter

    Hi, I had a job with an agency a few years ago and in the interview they just asked me about my experience and hobbies etc, so that they could "sell" me to schools. Although, don't know if they're all the same so best to prepare for trickier questions! And you won't be able to start until your DBS comes through, but as soon as it does you should be good to go! Good luck! I really enjoyed doing agency work :)
  3. TA-in-need

    TA-in-need New commenter

    I currently work for agencies and the "interviews" I had with them were very basic. It was just basic info like what experience, where can you work, what ages, any Sen experience etc. once they have signed you up it's just a case of waiting for work. You could be in work in a long term role or you could have a few days here and there.

    They all take holiday pay out of your daily rate at approx 12% which you can then use when you want in the hols. I keep mine for the 6 weeks holidays

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