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Agency supply teachers paying into the teachers pension.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Quietgenius, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Teaching South West, an LEA agency of Devon County Council whilst paying its supply teachers to scale does <u>NOT</u> HAVE a teacher's pension contribution scheme! Unfair/disingenous or <u>discriminatory</u>??? However if you work directly for the school you do!!!!

    I feel that any supply teacher working for an LEA should challenge this unfair, discriminatory practice at the highest level???
  2. My holiday pay is paid as a percentage of the work done not reliant on whether I work at teh end of a term.
  3. After 12 weeks you will get a daily rate of 195th of your scale point salary, which includes the element of holiday pay, as for the pension contributions, their is new legislation coming in next October where all agency workers will be entitield to pensions and contributions from 'employers' am not sure this will be paid in your teacher pot though! Will do some digging and come back to you all.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    In Lancashire they handed the administration of the supply register to reed years ago and it trades as the Lancashire Teaching Agency. Th epay still comes via the LA payroll, though, so TPS contributions are automatic unless you decide to OPT OUT.
    In Blackpool and in Blackburn (both now Unitary Authorities that used to be part of Lancashire Council) they have passed the administration of the supply registers to Supreme.
    In Blackpool they even allow the interviews for supply teachers to take place in the Council offices and teachers who were on the Council's books were promised to-scale pay at the changeover.The pay no longer comes from the Council payroll and Supreme is the employer,so no TPS is possible.
    The o-scale pay is a con too. The Council used to pay based on annual paypoint divided by 195 days, which meant that supply teachers got the maximum daily amount and were not disadvantaged in comparison with contract teachers. That daily rate included pro-rata holiday pay too.
    Supreme use the paypoints as the starting point for calculating pay and divide the annual salary by 1265 Directed Time Hours and then pay for a maximum 5 hours per day (as opposed to 6.5 paid previously bt the LA). If you end up taking a longer-term placement with Supreme and have planning and assessment + meetings and parents' evenings, they still only pay for 5 contact hours per day and you don't get PPA time in the working day as you're a daily paid teacher!
    I asked them why anyone would take longer-term placements from the when they get no more than for turning up to random days of work. No reply.
    Even with the new AWR regulations, you CANNOT contribute to the TPS even after the 12 weeks qualifying period when the agency will have to pay you one of the calculations of proper teacher pay. Pension, sick pay entitlements and other contractual issues are not included in the legislation. The agency remains the employer, not the school.
  5. I haven't, but it sounds really interesting. I would get involved in that.

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