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Agency say I need 6 months recent pupil contact

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by geffone, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. First thought, this is just one agency. So apply to another or more agencies.
    However by doing the return to teaching course displays considerable commitment to wanting to go back to teaching.
    Also says recent contact experience with children, not neccasarily teaching experience.
    But the amount of batty regulation invented by the last government, and agencies doing what they like is just a big pain for us.
    I wish I could be more helpful, only other thing I can think of is volunteering or finding some TA work. So you can work on this one. but you may do this and some agency will find some legislation to make your life difficult for some other reason..

  2. Another idea is the direct approach to schools. Polite letter explaining your return to teaching course, and mentioning a willingness to take on support work to gain some contact time.

  3. Thanks for all the replies. The "obstructive" agency eventually confirmed that it was their interpretation of the rules and as such was their own policy.
    Subsequently I've registered with 2 other agencies and got my first days work last Friday, I can even say that I enjoyed it. However, the whole process of getting registered seemed very slow and the bumbling GTC didn't help matters much.
    Thanks again folks.

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