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Agency recommendations

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by blazer, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I always reply by pm to the threads asking for recommendations. I was looking back through my conversation list and have realised that only about 20% of my pms get any sort of acknowledgement. Are they even read? Is it worth the bother?
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  2. gingerhobo48

    gingerhobo48 Star commenter

    I always acknowledge PM’s.
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  3. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    That is not on Blazer but it could be a generational thing and not meant as bad manners. I write across many forums and often find this kind of thing, where you help someone privately or online and they do not say a simple 'thank you'.

    I think it is all part of the email and text generation, the shortening of words and the need to be seen as too busy to spend time on thanking others.

    I used to get well annoyed at how emails often did not say ' Dear Sir' or 'Dear Mr Dumpty' but just get into the ' Yes, your order has been processed' and often don't even sign off the email.

    Actually, I still get annoyed by it :p as yes it seems distasteful and lacking manners to me.

    But I am not so sure it is, more this is how more and more work these days.

    Sad though, no need for it in my view.
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  4. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Why would you not think it worth the bother if you were helping even only one person out of one thousand? It costs you nothing other than time to pen a few words, and if you do it to help and have not been asked to, then don't expect to be thanked, no?
    Another thing-many people who come to ask the question may be new, or first time posters, and they may not know how the alert system to a conversation works. They might not see it. They might not know what it means.They might not have enough user privilege to respond. They might even read it and believe you are spamming them on behalf of those very agencies. Or is it indeed a fact that you may be fishing for their details for a "refer a friend scheme"?! Part of me is ashamed to ask, but you never know...!

    I wonder why you would be looking back through your conversation list-you do have option to delete/mute/close conversations, so perhaps a helpful route for yourself is to to delete it upon sending. Then you'll never know if a reply was attempted. If you simply want to help, then it ought not to be relevant.

    Another option is to respond within the thread publically,and explain to the poster that the information can be given privately and ask would they like you to send it in a pm. They can then answer that question in the thread too. I know if I came here with the query I would personally be grateful for the help. And you can take that opportunity to describe how to locate a pm.

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