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Agency mentions a possible job, then I see it advertised and apply myself

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by robyn147, May 8, 2011.

  1. I had a phone call last week about a possible job. Sounds interesting so I said I was interested, assuming the agency had been contacted to find someone for the post.
    I have then seen the same job advertised on a normal education site without mention of any agency.
    I have applied for the job independently because I saw it and it looks good. I am concerned that the agency will put me forward for the job as an agency worker.
    Basically I think the agency have seen the job and told the school I am available. The school (if I were to get the job....) would think "yeh, cheap agency worker". Yet I have applied for it myself so would expect to be employed under normal teacher's conditions.
    Do agencies do this? Scour job sites and apply for you, rather than you applying yourself. Where do you stand? I (naively) thought schools went to agencies to get teachers, rather than agencies applying to schools. I don't want to muck the agency around as I have got good work through them, but I would want to be employed as a normal teacher, not agency staff
  2. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    No....you've got it wrong.
    The agency will put you forward for a permanent post because if you are appointed they claim a finders fee of anything up to 3 grand from the school.
    I'd NEVER let an agency do this as it usually scuppers your chances. If you do get an interview, having applied on your own as well as through the agency, they will still want their cut.
    I've fallen for this in the past, thinking the agency had been asked to recruit, but the reality is the agency are scanning the job ads just like you.
    Don't let them do this. You are far more likely to get an interview by applying yourself directly.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    It was very sneaky. I got a phone call from my consultant stating an interesting opportunity had come up. Exactly the same call I got when I got my current job which was through the agency. I suppose I need to check exactly where this opportunity has come from as I do not want any opportunities to be scuppered.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Did the agency mention the actual school? Usually they just mention the town and ask if you would like your CV to be forwarded for consideration for a vacancy in town X.
    If they didn't mention the school, get back onto the agency and simply say that you no longer wish to be put forward by them to "that vacancy in X town". If you have been doing daily or shorter-term work for them so far, say that you want to do more of the same for the time being.
    If you then get the job from your independent application, the you don't have to tell the agency where you will be working when you give them notice.
  5. I know one of my agencies keeps an eye on the job ads and then goes and approaches the school to offer to recruit when it looks like they're having difficulties finding someone (which, let's face it aren't usually the fun places to work in). I only know this because of casual chats with my consultant back when I WAS applying for jobs about "oh have you seen X school's got an ad up - put in for that one yet?" - surprisingly not trying to get me to go through them or anything like that! Mind you the main reason I work through that agency is their refreshing lack of shenannigans.
  6. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Depends whose application the school used. An agency simply putting your name forward is not even an application and no school would really consider anybody without first an application being completed for records sake. So I would say the finders fee if they used your application is null and void. Otherwise an agency can scour the websites and put you forward for every job going so if you get any job, they can try and claim they introduced you and did the application process with you, which in reality they didn't.

    It is all murky ground, but I can tell you the government are looking at this finders fee issue. Agencies are rather dodgy in the main anyway.
  7. Be warned; I once received a call from an agency, saying an (unnamed) school in X location was "very interested" in my CV, had seen my references and would like to arrange an interview ASAP. Well, this was the first I'd heard of it and I had never consented to my CV or refs being sent to the school! I make a note in my diary whenever I speak to the agencies about schools, so it wasn't a case that I'd forgotten.
    I asked the agency to clarify a few issues with the school before agreeing to interview, i.e. the length of the contract and whether they were offering Induction for NQTs. Received a call back a few hours later saying the school were sending details of the interview lesson. The agent had no answers for my questions. I withdrew at that point, which must have made a very poor impression on the school. I haven't heard from the agency since then. It does make me wonder how many CVs some rogue agencies send out, without our knowledge or consent.

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