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Agency aggression

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Nadie1, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. It's hard to say whether an agency will be "good" or "bad".This agency were fine, until last term. They seem to have a lot of new staff. I suspect this sudden increase in staff turnover at the agency is a sign of trouble. One of the new consultants seems to be aggressive and unprofessional.
  2. Any agency's only ever as good as the person working your desk and it's gutting when one you've got a good rapport with leaves and is replaced with someone new, getting stressy and snappy - makes you dread the phone ringing.
    My usual turnaround if I don't want to take a booking is to tell them that I'd rather not take a booking where I won't make me, and the agency look good - they might not like it - but it's hard to argue around that one! The ones that hold grudges because you refused to go to Hell-Hole High two towns over when called at 8.45 "get there for 9 please" are the staff I really dislike... and the ones who do the lies and really obvious fake smarm - the ones who build a natural rapport and chit-chat over the months are fantastic - but it's a skill lots seem to lack!
  3. Same with me, however I am signed up with a number of other agencies and they have not called me once in regards to daily or long term work =P
  4. Agreed, I worked for an agency in that city made famous by Gary Lineker, I was paid during the holidays. At the time I was told three were two such supply teachers with this 'arrangement'.

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