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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Moony, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Sign up to as many agencies as you'd like to. Also whilst day to day might be slow as a core subject you could get offered some longer term work so that might help ease your worries.
  2. As I a science and maths teacher in London, after sequentially joining over two dozen agencies over an eleven month period, I have had only two days paid work. Long-term work just never happened. Having too much age and experience does not help, either.
  3. vou


    You could also ask the county/borough you are going to. Some have their own supply agency and might be able to give you some advice about this. I know in London - the borough agency I work for was asking their supply teachers if they wanted to do 1to1 tutoring. This might be the same for where you are moving to. Good luck :)
  4. Thanks for this advice, I'm moving to West Yorkshire so there are a few different LAs within commutable distance. At least one so far offers this service. Off the back of this did you find that you received much work?
  5. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    Send your CV to schools, join LEA supply lists and most of all offer private tuition. A'level students can study through the day, other KS have to be after school or weekends. To get started find an online agency and go from there.
  6. Private tutoring agencies can be useful. However, from experience, i would stick to parent's who pay you directly. Often, you get offered tuition of students paid for by local authorities: not only is this a whole load of paperwork but the pay is small and very slow in coming: i have had some outstanding for months. Also avoid going to schools to do this, as it can mean going to a distant school for just one hour.
  7. Also, i thik schools are inundated with CVs. I mail-shotted ever school and PHU within 25 miles but never got any replies.
  8. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    When I first left my job to do supply, I emailed all primary schools, of which there are many, letting them know I was available and since I was local a number of them, sold myself as being able to get to them at the drop of a hat. I did not receive one single reply. Two months later, I started day to day supply with agencies and got/get work every single day, going to these very schools and all giving me repeated work, over and over again. So, I presume, therefore, that they have work, but for whatever reason, will only give work through agencies. Not that I am complaining. I have a great agency but obviously if I was to work for schools direct I would then have been able to continue with my LA pension. Good luck and hope it will all come good for you in the end xx
  9. I take your points. However, having seen the content of my references (assuming that they are the same ones that are being sent to agencies), they are very good, as has been commented by the agencies themselves (again, making the assumption that this is not a remark that they routinely make to everyone). I am available five days per week and am willing to travel up to ninety minutes each way.
    I think that here is something in only get used as a last resort, though. All the call outs I have had, with two exceptions, have either been aborted before I get to the school, or I find that the agency has mixed up the bookings, so I find that the school specified a teacher for x-subject, while I am maths.
  10. What I would suggest then would be try to get on a better level with your consultant, you have all of the hall marks to make a very good supply but the sad truth is that some people just need their ego boosted.
    your consultant should notify the schools about who they are sending and what skills you have, it's them who are letting you down and not vice versa. In all honesty, be open to anything, don't turn anything down and do it in good humour. You may get asked to do some cover supervisor work. Take it but make them aware that you'll drop out of it if some teaching work comes up.
    the most flexible and willing teachers are the ones who get used the most it is quite simple but agencies are also under an enormous amount of stress to try and make up the current short fall on supply. That will be made through a mixture of charging the schools more and paying the teachers less, that's basic business and no matter how much we disagree with it, it is going to happen so don't be too rigid in the amount you insist on being paid.If your M6, tell them you would consider working for £120-£130, if you get repeat bookings ask for your worth
  11. One would have thought that an <u>LEA based</u> agency would give better terms and conditions for supply teachers than a profiteering commercial one but I am extremely DISAPPOINTED AND DISILLUSIONED with the LEA based one which is newly launched and would expect but....!!!!! i.e. March/April 2011?

  12. Pedigree your posts always do amuse me. full of bold text, super emphasised.
    Would you say that you've let all this vitriol get so far under your skin that you're now unable to work?
  13. Rinky.
    One large problem schools used to have when using LEA's was that the school only got a list from them and had to phone each supply teacher to book them. When it was busy a school has been known to pnone 15 supply teachers without finding one that was not booked. Now they only phone once to an agency and the agency has to do all the phoning.
    The second problem you could have is that parts of the country do not have any work for supply teachers.
    Goog luck. If you succeed let me know and I will join you.
  14. Well well, I haven't yet embarked on the supply trail, so I can't comment on the individual political issues. Having said that I am a tad bemused at peoples' responses with regards to agencies charging schools so much and only paying the teacher a reduced amount. Surely this is normal business protocol, where morals and ethics don't really figure when there is a quick buck to be made!!

    ANYWAY, lots of reference to agencies, but can anyone recommend any particular agencies where the service has been good?
  15. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    I have been loyal to one agency for 13 or 14 years [ironically, before they or I moved into teaching] - such is my fwwling over the way that I and others perceive we have been treated this term, I am seriously starting to take the view that I want either a permanent post in a school someplace, or a change of career.
    This despite the fact I have worked damned hard to qualify in the profession, and am completing an education-related MA as an independent student.
    Basso [Professional but profoundly pi55ed-off]
  16. Contact whistleblowers.uk to report dubious agency practice.
  17. I have recently qualified and signed up with 4 agencies and to this tes website, one agency has come through for me and i have been in the same school all term, I have secured a 6 week placement after easter too. I was anxious about finding work after i moved to London once I had completed my pgce but thankfully i have been looked after by schools and my agency.
    Good luck with the farmhouse, sounds exciting, but speak to as many agencies as you need to before you find one or more you are happy to represent you so that you can concentrate on your renovations.

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