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Agencies - I despair

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon2113, May 13, 2011.

  1. At least they didn't tell you that your birth certificate was out of date. :¬))
  2. That's incredible.
    We Scottish teachers used to feel fortunate and smug that our supply wasn't done through agencies, but in the past year all that's changed - Blue Arrow does Edinburgh supply these days, ***. And yes, they're rubbish. I keep getting offered Primary supply (I'm secondary)
    I phoned them recently because it's been quiet (apart from certain schools phoning me directly) and I swear that the boy I was talking to was about fifteen. With a really strong Essex accent that I could barely understand. I kept wanting to shout, 'ENUNCIATE!!' at him.

    Cosmos, you're in Scotland aren't you? Are you aware of the trouble re. supply?
  3. Cosmos, you're in Scotland aren't you? Are you aware of the trouble re. supply?

    Sadly exiled at the moment and I was in FE not schools.
    I sent a message back to the agency saying that my birth certificate in my maiden name was to be expected as there were laws against being married that young! I'll never get work now...[​IMG].
  4. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    It's a long time since February......
    I couldn't find my marriage certificate. So ended up taking son's birth cert which shows my maiden name. If only I could remember to put things back in their original safe place.
  5. It's a long time since February......

    Quite GP. Doesn't inspire me with confidence.
  6. Agencies are dreadful. You spend hours form-filling and money on a CRB (see supply for horror stories)
    Staff are useless and dishonest. I could go on.......
  7. That is staggering and the agency deserves to be mocked and shamed publicly.
  8. dalesgirl

    dalesgirl New commenter

    I registered with an agency a year ago, within a week they had offered me a terms work, and the school (which is fabulous) offered me a permanent job at the end of the term.
    My husband was made redundant 4 months ago, registered with the same agency. Again within a week they offered him 6 weeks work at a local school, which has now turned into two terms, with the prospect of more. And they gave me £50 for recomending him - have we just been lucky?
  9. In my experience the agencies who faff and take forever to register you (including asking for documents for CRB on 3 separate occasions! - they'd gone out of date due to them not having sent the form off on time), give you very little to no work.
    There are some nice and professional agencies out there though - and it's always worth speaking to schools directly and cutting out the middle man.
    I heard of someone whose agency wanted a reference for the last year even though they had been working for the agency for the last year?!
  10. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Mrs B works for an agency. When she is on the phone to them I want to speak to them. They have not found her any work for over 12 months. Placements ring them and ask for her! She has been in almost continuous employment all this time unless she wants a day or week off! Yet they staill pay her the minimum even though they do not have to spend a penny finding her work!
  11. Last May, following 18 months recovery from an accident, I joined supply agencies to try and find work: being then 59, i did not think a permanent job was a realistic expectation. Being science and maths, and living London, i thought that I would not have too much trouble: wrong! Over the course of six months or so, i registered with over 20 agencies, all seemed enthusiastic about my prospects but very little materialised. As far as i know, there was nothing against me, as I have seen my references.
    Honestly, i felt as if i had 'fallen among thieves'; the dishonesty and duplicity of some agenceis knows few bounds. Placement agencies are little better: some charging for arranging interviews that, some how, never happen.
    Agencies can be stupid, too: few so-called 'consultants' have much idea of the geography of, and the realities of travelling within, London. Also, the annoyance of travelling to school, only to find that the booking has been 'cancelled'.
    My personal best was an agency that tried to verify my birth certificate by writing to the man who signed it, in 1950!
    After a year, i gave up and took my pension. In a year, i had earned just under £500; having spent over £800 on CRB checks.

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