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Age phases for PGCE

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by butterfly11, May 1, 2011.

  1. Dear James and all,

    Just wondering who had experience of studying for a 7-14 PGCE in maths. My daughter is very keen to apply for this but is concerned about difficulty in finding a job afterwards. She is tempted to go for 11-16 instead but would prefer to have the option of teaching primary if she decided to do that.
    Can anyone advise on their recent experience of finding employment with a 7-14 PGCE, particularly in maths?

    Many thanks

  2. Sussex is one of tyhe few institutions that runs 7-14 PGCEs. Many do get jobs in seondary schools and some will prefer to work in primary. Onh the Sussex programme the first placement is secondary and our e[pectation is that the trainee will be able to teach key stage three and, if necessary some KS4 which helps with job applications. There are also a number of schools now who employ transition teachers who work in secondary but employ primary strategies for teaching and may well teach in year 7 more than one subject.
    The overall employment rate at Sussex for all our PGCEs was 85% last year - I'm a science tutor rather than maths, but know that 100% of the scientists got jobs and that include dthe 10 KS2-3 trainees.
    Being maths that always helps in the job market!
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I think 7-14 will open doors. Most PGCEer's in secondary don't get much 'proper' time with Y11 as the school are worried about results etc. 7-14 will make it easier to apply for both primary& secondary. I'd go for it x
  4. Whether or not enhancement is required will depend on the institution and the admissions tutor who carries out the interview. Often it is a matter discussed at interview and decisions depend on the admissions tutor's professional judgement.
    Enhancement courses will run next year. The TDA has currently asked providers to place bids for numbers of students for enhancement and they will hopefully confirm to us in June if we have been successful in gaining places.

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