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After the debate then, can a non catholic be a deputy head in a catholic school?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by mongus, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. After the debate then, can a non catholic be a deputy head in a catholic school?
    Following the debate on the SMT forum, please could somebody shed some light on this for me? Is it allowed? I really do not want to spend another sleepless night, sick with worry, about something that is virtually impossible to do!
  2. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    In our catholic school no, a non-catholic cannot be a deputy head.
  3. I have been acting head in a catholic school for a term but could not apply for the post as I am not a catholic. The Deputy had to also be a practising catholic.
  4. akimbo

    akimbo New commenter

    I was.
  5. They can be yes - but it is unusual. in salford diocese I know of three non catholic headteachers not deputys.
    The bishop has to allow and usually it only happens if they have advertised numerous times for catholic head / deputy to no avail.

  6. The norm is no, however if there is dispensation given by the Bishop or the Education Committee of the Diocese, arrangements can be made for a fixed term contract... although it is quite interesting trying to bring it to a close! It is only done when you have been singularly unsuccessful in recruiting a full time practising Catholic DH.
  7. You can, however, officially be the assistant head. In my last school the "deputy" was on paper the assistant head as she was a non-catholic. When she left the school restructured and created two AHT roles. One difficulty, as I understand it, is that legally an AHT cannot officialy be required to fulfil all functions of the HT in their absence.
    As Old Bean says the school has to demonstrate that a practising Catholic could not be appointed. It does rather depend on the diocese. I did once hear a diocesan representative say that she would close schools before she was forced to appoint non-Catholics.
  8. I'm the Headteacher of one.
    It's a joint school - Anglican and Catholic - but it means that I'm an Anglican, and I'm Head of a Catholic school.
    I know this is an oddity - but sometimes oddities show us ways forward.

  9. I teach in a catholic school and the head is a no catholic,so yes you can!
    It depends on schools I suppose.
    good luck
  10. It's a lovely oddity indeed and it would be good to think that such an ecumenical arrangement could be more widely available; but, alas, I believe the tide has turned. It is unlikely to be a sign of things to come.

    I returned to teaching very recently after taking a career break to explore vocation in the church. My pastoral experience - as a Catholic teaching in a good Church of England secondary school - had led me into a real desire to explore a possible call to priesthood. So I took a career break and went off to test my vocation. The Catholic diocese sent me to Rome. Who would not enjoy a year in Rome? It was a wonderful experience. But as far as the church was concerned, I discovered that I would never adjust to the culture. My main reason for leaving formation for the Catholic priesthood and returning to the CofE last year was the growing realisation that the pastoral care I had experienced in the CofE was so much better.

    I am glad to have returned, and slightly bemused by the oddness of the Church of England as I find myself back in its ranks, as a teacher and as a layman again. It was the ecumenical openness that originally encouraged me to become a Catholic and the spirit of Vatican II, but the experience of a growing rampant traditionalism with its hard-line attitudes has been very alienating and dispiriting. Now I realise that these are very different churches, and any attempt to work together ecumenically - whichever side of the fence you are on - must begin with complete honesty with the differences that we see.
  11. Kelloggs

    Kelloggs New commenter

    Can a catholic school state on a job advert that you must be a practising catholic to apply for a teaching post?
  12. Not sure - usually says 'practicing Christian.' Are they allowed to actually state Catholic only?
  13. Kelloggs

    Kelloggs New commenter

    This particular advert states as the first criteria as must be a practising catholic.
  14. QFE

    QFE New commenter

    There could be an interesting legal point here. Anglicans are catholics, just not <u>Roman</u> catholics. As I understand it the anglican communion is recognised by Rome as a branch of the 'true' church, so if <u>Roman</u> catholic is not specified in the advert...
  15. I know the feeling! I am now the AHT of a catholic school (I am non catholic) doing exactly the same job - (even down to the job description) as the former DH, who was catholic. I was told I can't be DH because I'm not Catholic, but I'm good enough to do the same job albeit 3 point further down the Leadership scale - fair?? I think not!
  16. jut1233456

    jut1233456 New commenter

    Surely in this day and age discriminating on the basis of religion is illegal when applying for a job.
  17. I'm thinking of applying for a job as deputy in a Roman Catholic primary school.
    I am not a catholic but a regular church goer. The job description says Roman Catholic but are they allowed to do this? I had a feeling the someone applied for a job in a muslim school and wasn't allowed but then brought a case of religious discrimination. Anybody think I have a chance. My husband is catholic as are my children.
  18. Further to my post, I have looked at the school, been told there are few candidates and I was a strong applicant. However, being non-Catholic, it was stressed that, were I to be offered the job , special dispensation would have to be gained from the diocese and that the job would only be a temporary contract. I have withdrawn!
  19. mclardie

    mclardie New commenter

    I am the head of a catholic school who is looking to appoint a non-catholic deputy because she is a brilliant teacher and a practising Christian. Please could anyone name a particular school/schools where this has happened so that we can use it as support?

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