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After speaking to the midwifes receptionist I need to rant............

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by lovesmyfamily, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. OK so I rang this booking lady to cancel my first appointment (the booking appointment) as my induction training is on after school on the day i was meant to go and I need to attend all meetings as I'm an NQT too, well when I got through I just got a lecture on how important it is i make these appointments and that I shouldn't really be cancelling I tried to explain that as I haven't told anyone yet I don't want to miss school and raise eyebrows, well that was it she on to have a full blown rant at me telling me teachers take time off school all the time and how other mothers to be always make their appointments!! (well sorry that I work and have respect for my job!)
    I just could not believe what I was hearing I thought being pregnant was a wonderful time not a time to be put down and compared to mothers who do not work and therefore always attend their appointments with no fuss!!!
    I just wanted to vent out somewhere as this woman really offended me (not to mention the widwife only works 3 days a week in the surgery so I have limited options anyway!)
    OK rant over.........
  2. Don't worry about it, it will get much worse as your pregnancy progresses and when you have the baby.......!
    I rearranged my booking in appointment and they were fine, sometimes the less information you give them the better. Just say it's inconvenient and could you rearrange it, they don't need to know why.
  3. It is irritating but don't worry about it too much. You have enough on your plate with being an NQT and preggie - any stress that isn't totally unavoidable just jettison or you'll be on the floor by half term.
    Hormones + tired + new job jitters = mood all over the place
    Ignore the silly woman (she has nothing better to do than rant at pregnant women changing appointments!)
  4. As someone who used to work as a GP's receptionist, she's blinkin' lucky that you've cancelled - a double appointment with a GP just magically becomes free? That's jackpot gold for a heranged doctors receptionist with umpteen emergency walk ins to fit in.

    As others have said, ignore the silly *** at the front desk. A lot of my colleagues had frustrated home lives that they took out on the patients. Sad but true.
  5. i'd put in a complaint to the practice manager. how dare she speak to you like that? teachers don't miss school all the time either - i made as many appointments as i could outside school hours. rude, obnoxious woman.
  6. It drives me nuts when the receptionsist/midwives/breast feeding people turn round and say "but you are entitled to the time off work and your employer shouldn't refuse you the time." Yes, I know that, however when you only work between 1 and 3 on a Tuesday afternoon that means I miss the same class everytime I have an appointment it's not management getting stressed about it, it's me!!

    Roll on maternity leave...
  7. Thats what i don't want to start happening!!! I feel bad enough leaving the kids half way through without missing a regular lesson before maternity leave!!!
    I have decided not to let it bother me if however i meet this woman face to face i will say something!!! lol
  8. My appointments are always on a tuesday and last time round I couldn;t understand why I couldn;t get an appt at four or sometime that meant i didn;t have to skip classes. Turns out midwife won;t let you book a late appointment in case she has to hang around for you. It really annoyed me as she's meant to be there 2 - 4.

  9. It really gets up my nose the attitude of some HCPs and receptionists. Why is it more important to not inconvenience a midwife or sonographer than a teacher? 2-4 is not that unreasonable and if she really doesnt want to.hang around she could pop in and see you on her rounds.

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