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After-school clubs... ideas???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by SleighBelle, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. SleighBelle

    SleighBelle Occasional commenter

    All teachers run clubs in our school, covering a wide range of activities. We have football, netball, TAG rugby, hockey, cookery, dance, art, junk modelling, ball skills, country dancing and music appreciation!
    I'm trying to think of something different to do with the children. I have wondered about getting my brother's old PS2 and Guitar Hero games hooked up to the IWB but not sure how suitable that would be?
    Any other great clubs that your children love??
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  2. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

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  3. flossy-fluffy

    flossy-fluffy New commenter

    I run a board games club. It's very popular and I quite enjoy it too.
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  4. Bsmirched

    Bsmirched New commenter

    We have a film club - complete with popcorn! It's so easy to run and incredibly stress free!!
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  5. I'm currently running a "Puzzle Club" to promote problem solving and thinking skills, the children love it and don't think they're learning!
  6. What kind of puzzles do you do Jackie3? Are they all maths based?

    What about a 'make it' club which can be anything from making a bracelet or a bag to making a game? Lots of DT skills!
  7. My son goes to sewing club and to DJ mixing/rap club. He's also taken a short course in judo and is about to start fencing. Only the sewing club is held by a staff member though - the others are 'bought in'.

    I like the sound of a board games club. Tesco have some great offers on at the moment. Chalenj is down from £24.49 to just over £6. At Argos, Picteureka is down from about £20 to £7.17
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  8. Some are maths based ( I'm the maths co-ordiantor!) but lots are lateral thinking, problem solving,logic etc I bought some from The Happy Puzzle Company, lots of good ideas there!
  9. GordonWright

    GordonWright New commenter

    Possibly our most innovative after-school activity is Animation Club, using plasticene, webcams and SMA (a free to download Stop Motion Animation programme). That goes down very well and is always boosted by the release of a new Wallace and Gromit film!
    What about Fitness Club? Anything and everything that gets them active and out of breath can be included: skipping, dancing, assault/obstacle courses, tag games, aerobics sessions. That's always been a success for me too.
    How about Hama Beads Club? A little expense in the first place buying the beads. I've never run it in school but experience with my daughter's friends suggests it might work: the kids can be engrossed for ages.
    Chess can work well if you have an ICT suite available after school: www.chesskids.com teaches them everything they need to know and guides them through practice games.
    Hope these help.
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  10. lego club has always been a big hit in our school, I run a dt club which is fun!
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  11. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    I run an ICT club,
    In the past we did a school newspaper [one a term] which the children then sold so that we could pay to have them professionally made up. [Can do that ourselves now with a new colour photocopier.

    Then we did some photo-story work

    Pivot stick animation

    And currently I have a group doing some clay animation which they are really enjoying.

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  12. So do we, We have popcorn at our school with filmclub i dont run it though
  13. I did Origami one year - was incredibly popular (and really easy in terms of preparation - get paper, teach kids how to make it into a square... about the level of thought I could cope with by a Thursday evening). For some reason kids are utterly fascinated by making stuff that moves out of a sheet of paper.
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  14. Filmclub is super, and completely free!
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  15. SCRABBLE - great cos it practically runs itslef and is educational
  16. Colouring club for KS1 with Y5/6 helpers. The children love to sit, colour in and chat. The older ones help set up, photocopy pictures, find more on line, sharpen pencils, tidy up. We have quiet music in background too. Totally relaxed and dead easy to organise.
    I love to colour a picture when I'm feeling [​IMG]. it helps me relax somehow and lots of children have said the same. In the past I've had a few children with behaviour issues who came and they were angels!
  17. teacherdi

    teacherdi New commenter

    A bird club is popular ,the RSPB have some nice resources for schools . Or how about The Woodland Trust (excellent education resources on their website) , astronomy, chess, stamp collecting, book club , current affairs, don't know how big your school site is but orienteering /map reading is fun , "mini media studies" - watch and discuss children's t.v. progs. , gardening/veggie growing , first aid , email/ pen pals in another country / school (obviously with checks and safeguards etc.)........... will think of some more later.
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  18. This works brilliantly,
    I bought a Wii for our Afterschool club so that 4 members could use it at once, it works as a real treat when its wet.
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  19. Waiguoren

    Waiguoren Occasional commenter

    Why not have a look at http://www.activitytv.com/
    Free, child-friendly videos which you could use for clubs on arts and crafts, a magic club, an origami club, a puppets club or a juggling club (haha).
    Or (thought of this because I mentioned it on another thread today) you could sign up for http://education.weebly.com/ (free) and create up to forty student websites, and then have a club in which the students could create their own websites - add educational games, build slideshows of pictures, online journals and articles, etc.
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  20. <font face="Calibri">When I was a child I always wanted to go to journalism after school club, but we did not have one sadly. I like the idea of setting up a school newspaper and taking children on trips to interview people etc. I think this may actually work better as a magazine. Photographer, editors, music and film reviews etc. Could possible come out every half term and they could raise money by selling etc.</font> <font size="3">I have seen ICT, language, speed stacking, cycling (road safety and bmx-ing), pottery, roller-skating and ballroom dancing clubs that look good. Also tennis and table tennis clubs seem fun.</font><font size="3">For PE I was allowed to set up equipment in the hall to do just dance, dance central and zumba. My year 4&rsquo;s really got into it and as our PE session was on a Friday just before golden time I made this available for KS2 children. I was amazed at how many year 6&rsquo;s wanted to get involved.</font>

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