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After school club ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kangaroo.poop, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. i'm trying to come up with some really original after school club ideas. the after schools continuation kind of hinges on the attendance which is quite low at the moment.
    i'm looking for some really great original or more abstract ideas and hopefully they will be projects that run for 2 -3 weeks so that there is some continuation in attendance.
    i've not sat down and thought it out and i'm struggling to get started.
    so far i've got mod rock masks - modelled on their own faces
    and as we recently have had a kitchen put in something like design and make your own pizza.

    its something that can take as long as it takes but must be done in 1 1/2 hour stints.
    any advice would be welcome
  2. 'after school club' covers a multitude of sins - and i've committed most of them
    is this an after school child-minding-for-2-hours- type club that you want to boost attendance at with amazing projects? are you trying to run it -well, if not at a profit,not at a loss?
    or is it an interest-type club, run by lovely volunteer teachers?

  3. Its run by me and i have a variety of hats on but i am paid to do it
    anyway i want to boost attendance with some very good (cheap and free) projects. i dont want it to make a loss but it doesn't need to be making a profit but that would be nice.
    last 6 months we have had:
    arts and crafts club - did a few projects ended up the kids wanted to sit and chat and do finger knitting.
    film club - films free from filmclub.org - goes down well
    nature club - went down very well i used alot of nature detectives website things. we have a local wood attacted to the school. but its too dark at the mo
    computer club - kids wanted to do a school paper but drifted off the idea so we ended up doing online games tournaments, posters for school events ect
    and a free time club which was mostly doing knex challenges ect.
    i've been off and have been told numbers have dropped. the head said that i could revamp when i return.
    i think i need to be advertising the activities themselves to encourage those who don't need to come but might want to come.
  4. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    Parachute games?
    Board games?

  5. sorry - i am not asking the right questions
    mon-fri or one day a week?
  6. 5 nights a week.
    in the past i have had a night dedicated to each project or activity as some children come every monday for example
  7. we've done board games etc, need more things to attract interest
  8. Flying Club!

    Make all things that can fly.

    Everything from paper airplanes (of all design) to paper gliders,. kites of all shapes and sizes, pump up water bottle rockets, parachute men etc

    Easy, fun and actually very cheap. Loads of ideas on designs for planes and kites on the net. Work on them when we out, fly 'em when dry.
  9. Thats a great idea.
    and the kids had asked for an origami club which somehow answers that request!

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