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After School Club activities

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by pashto, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I see where your coming from, trying to fit in. I would run a Keystage 4/5 booster 'club'. No-one can say your not chipping in and it's killing two birds with one stone then.
  2. I run a Jewellery club for KS3 trying to get more girls into RM. In terms of budget I started with a small amount of money from the gifted and talented event I ran and then the rest is built up by charging the pupils a small amount for what they want to take home and selling pupils creations at school events. I was an NQT last year and found that the 1 hr a week that I ran jewellery club didn't interfere with my other work and was a very good way to build a reputation within the school not just with the staff but with the pupils. I had lots of pupils at Jewellery club that I didn't even teach.
  3. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    I'd personally steer clear of any extra stuff that you're not contracturaly obliged to do in your NQT year (and even your 2nd year for that matter)
    If you still want to do it however, F1 in schools is a great one to get started with, but i'd select your students carefully (you only need 3-6) rather than ask for volunteers. As long as you find a few sponsors and the kids are enthusiastic you'll probably get through the regional finals as best rookie team (especially if you're in the NW or NE. SE has a lot more competition) and "taking a team" to the national final will make you look good too. Ask Science if they want to come on board too as this might lighten the load. you'd also do well to recruit an older member of staff who's used to taking trips out and will do anything for the school (every schools got one) as they will see potential pitfalls e.t.c. and be able to organise any trips/visits to sponsors and stuff like that.
    Good luck whichever way you choose.
  4. Hi there Miss P.
    Like a previous poster has suggested jewellery club would be a great idea. It's definitely something that I would consider doing. Alas as an NQT myself, i'm yet to secure myself a job.[​IMG]
    Have you thought about paper crafts such as Origami?? Virtually no resources required as it can be done with scrap paper and you can get patterns off the internet.
    You could even mix the two!! I make silver jewellery using origami paper folding techniques. Something completely different which kids of all ages would enjoy.
    Best of luck

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