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After SATs - special help needed

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sulas, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. We all need something to look forward to. We are in cause for concern and Ofsted is coming back around the time of the SATs to check up on us and re categorise us - up or down. We are all working so hard that i want to do a really exciting cross curricular project after the SATs - but one that will be looked at in a positive / favourable light be the inspectors is they should come after we have started which seems likely.
    Any ideas would be gratefully received - just need a few starting points that have been found to be successful.
    thanks in advance

  2. Ask the children for their suggestions...
  3. How about a mini enterprise project? Split the class in to teams and they have to create something to sell. They are completely responsible for all elements Inc. Design, budgets, marketing, making the product, organising the sale day, counting the money, inviting parents etc
    We loved it and it covers many different curriculum areas, is child led and encouages creative thinking. Some of ours included bath bombs, pumps with names on, salt dough models, cross stiches, buns etc
  4. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    I think the enterprise project is a great idea. Ours did this last year - they had to organise a summer fayre (we hadn't done one for years). It was then cross curricular as they had to price up goods to sell, how much they would cost and try to make a profit. They had to write letters to businesses asking for donations or prices etc. Ours evem got our gardening club involved - planting and selling produce grown at school. Enterprise was supposed to be the next big thing before this govt. took over - I'm sure it must still be important. Good luck.

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