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After 4 years in YR/1/2...now for Y4/5/6!! Any advice please??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Twinkles, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    I've been teaching now for 7 years, in KS1 for the first 3 in a large London primary and for the last 4 in a lovely village school where I've got myself well and truly settled in YR/1/2. Now we have a dynamic new head and he's decided we need a shake up so, as the title says, I'm off from one end of the school to the other! I wasn't too impressed at first, but I've started to see how useful it is for me to make this move and I'm quite excited at the prospect.
    BUT - I really need to know what I need to know to make this work! I'm off work at the moment following an operation so it's an ideal time to do some proper research. Any ideas about where I should start would be very, very gratefully received.
    Many thanks [​IMG]
  2. I started this year as an NQT in y3/4/5/6. I personally find you target the y6 to extend and support the y3, it has taken time to get the balance right to not neglect y4/5.
    Next year I will have y4/5/6 so will plan as a y5 class and differentiate up and down. Maths is the worst lesson for obvious reasons. I find the older children enjoy helping the younger though!
    Everything through a topic - ours at the moment is locality - this makes life easier. If your planning is clear it works, you find the balance. Good luck!
  3. Key things are the change in literacy and numeracy. You will need to expect a huge amount more from y6, particularly the predicted level 5's. It is a big year for them, don't make them work at Y4 level. I have just had a big move from KS2 leader teaching in Y6 to DHT in Y2 and love it - really good for your career, I have been wanting a change for a while. I hope you will really enjoy it. Anyway, I hope the following might be a start - it is probably obvious stuff that would do anyway but I hope it might be helpful nonetheless
    1. Familiarise yourself with the key strands for lit and num, and expectations for end of Y6/5/4
    2. Have a look through some examples of text books (don't purely rely upon them but they give a good start).
    3. Think about groupings and targets - ask for the summer predicted assessments
    4. Prepare some displays that will aid learning for these year groups
    5. Research the topics and think about activities and how you would differentiate them
    6. Relax and recover from your operation!! Do not overwork yourself too early.

  4. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    Brilliant - thank you very much!!
  5. dc521

    dc521 New commenter

    I would hit some websites as well, especially the Cumbria grid for learning.
    That site was one of a few that I found that attempted to cover mixed years.

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