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Africa ideas please?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by funchick2, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. My school is in North Oxfordshire, so a bit far away, want to try and get hold of some kind of African drumming/workshop does anyone know anything closer to me?
  2. Yes, too far for me, but I do know someone in Oxon/Bucks. If you e-mail me I will put you in touch.
  3. There is a place in Essex called AKLOWA - it is a small part of Africa in Britain. You can visit them or I think they can bring workshops to you. They have other things like a CD ROM. Website www.aklowa.net
  4. i expect your getting fed up with emailing them, but please could i have a copy too? Either from psycho_jo or any of you others that have it?


    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  5. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    Please could someone email me any ideas/planning on this? alexis_doyle2002@yahoo.co.uk

    I don't mind sharing my ideas/resources also, just drop me a line.
  6. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

  7. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  8. fishtoe

    fishtoe New commenter

    Thanks for all the ideas, we have just completed a very sucessful Africa Week. Lots of visitors Storyteller from Kenya, Dustbin drummers, beadworker from Zimbabawe, Kenyan minister in traditional dress, drummers from local seconadary school. In between lots of arts/crafts, stories & food tasting. The children loved it, school should be like this all the time. Will be hard after half term when its back to numeracy and literacy. Enjoy the hols everyone!!
  9. fishtoe

    fishtoe New commenter

    Thinking about an India week for next year!!
  10. We have an African arts group in for an entire week they do visual arts- clay, batik, tie dye and so on and produce plays with dance, drumming and drama. The week is stunning a real taste of Africa. Sadly they are expensive but so worth it. Check out their web site - google Osun Arts
  11. fishtoe

    fishtoe New commenter

    WOW they - Osun Arts - look fantastic bet the children loved it. Did you have to charge the kids loads? Many of our parents didn't contribute even though its a nice area.
  12. some great ideas here, if anyone with resources would be willing to join the creative yahoo group and upload them on there it would be great there is a folder already set up with some africa plannign in and then it would all be stored in central place for future reference plus ill copy the great ideas off here onto the message thread to inspire others. Thanks
  13. I am also in a Y4/5 class and teaching about Africa for Geography, Action aid has some good resources.
  14. Fishtoe - yes the kids had to pay £22 each which had caused problems, but next year we are letting the parents know in sept (we do it the week after SATs to give the Y6 a great end to the tests) and we are doing some fund raising too. We are lucky to have 90 in Y6. But they come with drums, about 5/6 artists and costumes. You have to be pretty laid back during the week. But its breath taking and the kids absolutely love it. We have done it every year for the past 12 years.
  15. fishtoe

    fishtoe New commenter

    what is this Yahoo group?
  16. fishtoe, look for the topic under this one: creative curr group, go on and post your email and I will send you an invite
  17. guess i could have done that!!!! lol
  18. fishtoe

    fishtoe New commenter

  19. Just received a magazine from Worldvision yesterday with an initiative between them and NAHT. It looks great and can be accessed through www.schoolaid.tv

    Some brilliant ideas all relating to Africa and fundraising.

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