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Africa/ Botswana - Art focus?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ceri2evans, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Hi
    just wondering if anyone has ideas or past experience of things they have done relating to Africa in Art
    This is for year 1 and we will be starting a topic on our school this week which will lead into Africa and focusing on a Botswana school.
    Im in need of some ideas for art and DT ideas that link to a botswana school and African art
    Im going to make schools in DT but am looking for another activity that is DT based for a TA to do with children.
    ive no ideas yet for art ideas linked to the Botswana school!
    but for african art i was thinking of animal prints, sunsets

    just wondered if you had any ideas?
    thansk in advance
  2. Hiya,

    Just finished Africa with a year 3 class and we looked at calabashes and the work of Henri Rousseau!

    Hope that helps somewhat!

  3. serendipity21

    serendipity21 New commenter

    We held a Culture week last year and some of the art work was great! We looked at African photos of tribal masks and then children designed their own, we then face painted them onto the children; the effect was great! We also made clay beads, painted them and the children threaded them into a pattern of their own. A Year4 class made face masks using corrugated card, some were really large and the patterns very effective. I will have a look at the overview and if there were any more ideas I will email them to you.

    Hope this helps, enjoy!
  4. Hi we've just finished a Gambia week in our Y1 class.
    For art we did batik
    We practised first by doing a wax resist on paper (using candles instead of wax crayons as the wax is thicker and painting over with brusho). Then we transferred our design onto fabric, using a flour and water paste rather than melted candle wax!
    We also looked at birds in the Gambia. The children were each given an outline of a bird and a colour photograph. They had to paint in the colours, looking carefully at the different shades and where all the different colours went.
    They really enjoyed it and I was very impressed with their final products.
    I know its a bit late for the




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    original poster, but hopefully this will help someone!

  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    We did Adinkra printing onto fabric, sunset pictures with tree and wildlife silhouetted, we made banana fritters (akara) for food technology, made collage maize pictures - we used corn on the cob and rolled in paint to make background, then added maize plantes using green paper, collages of different habitats, earth toned chalk pastel pattterns, camouflage discs.
    In DT each group designed and built large 3D animals out of cardboard boxes - we did a giraffe, elephant, babboon, zebra and lion! They were big, but looked great! We also made animal wooden spoon puppets.

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