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afPE level 5 award (Primary PE)

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by Bevi1, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Bevi1

    Bevi1 New commenter


    I have posted this in primary but thought someone on here might be more able to help. i am interested in any feedback from people who have been on the course. I am particularly interested to know what might have made it better.
  2. Bevi1

    Bevi1 New commenter

    Still interested
  3. sportyteach2

    sportyteach2 New commenter

    It is well worth going for despite the expense that your school could cover for you via PESS Premium grant. If you wish to boost your knowledge, skills and application with HQ planning; delivery and assessment then this is the course for you. There are delegate tasks to complete however the associated learning is designed to filter through your teaching and enable you to evaluate much more proficiently. Lazy schools overlook PE CPD whilst forward-thinking schools invest in quality PE CPD of the kind that Level 5 & 6 provides.

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