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AFL some practical ideas please!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by littlemissstressed, May 1, 2008.

  1. any one else?
  2. Sorry it would help if I could spell (lol) anyone else?
  3. Hi Little Miss Stressed.

    At the moment I am trialling using AfL for writing in my Reception class. After doing some guided writing, the children check whether they have been successful against the learning intention and then put a happy (or wobbly) face accordingly. I am also highlighting their work in green (for growth) and pink (for think). I also colour their smiley face in green if I agree that they were successful. They can then look back on their previous work and remember what their targets are. I put this back on the children themselves, e.g. "what do you think is good about this work (green), and "what do you think you need to think about next time", even at age four they are capable of assessing their own work, including the low ability.
    Sounds very KS1, but the kids seem to love it, and always want me to get my pens out, and I have noticed that they are trying a lot harder with their writing.

    I am careful though, not to use too much pink, (I tend to put a pink dot by things rather than highlighting the mistake) I emphasis that pink does not mean BAD but just to THINK about it next time, and I make it very clear what I will be looking out for at the beginning of the session. I also would not do this with their own writing produced during their play, and make it very clear to the children when I will be using the pens.

    One of the m/a children did some really good work and allowed me to scan it in so the class could help me highlight it on the IWB. I thought that was very brave and the children took charge and was lovely to see them recognising exactly what was good about the work. The child enjoyed comments such as "Nice one X!", "Good job!", "great fingerspaces X!" from her peers.

    I also explain to the children that if they are honest and put a wobbly face on the work, I will make sure I will go over it again with them and provide extra help.
    I have no idea if this is of any help to you as it is quite specific and like I said, I am just trialling it. The children seem to take so much more care over their work though, and seem to realise that I value their efforts and writing.
  4. Thank you! It's very useful - both for my own class - Y 1 / 2 and for a job interview i am clueing up for :)

  5. Yep, I'm liking this ...
    I am also highlighting their work in green (for growth) and pink (for think). I also colour their smiley face in green if I agree that they were successful
    I think it would simplify my current self-inking stamp: star star wish.
    Sometimes the explanations of the stamp can be too 'wordy' & they 'switch off'
    My class love love little rhyming dittys too
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Oddly enough our SIP did a staff meeting tonight and one slide
    had pink for success (tickled pink apparently)
    and green for growth

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