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AFL - some clarification please

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by nalsa4444, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I'd be really appreciative of a few tips/ideas of how to introduce AFL into my lessons with year 7s and 8s (Humanities).
    I've been told to use AFL but I am getting conflicting opinions of what exactly is meant by this from different colleagues. Some say it's about peer assessment, understanding what is expected in exams etc. (not relevant to my 7s and 8s), others mention things such as 'traffic lighting' and 'thumbs up, thumbs down'. I'm confused as to what is expected of me!
    This is all contributing to my final project for my PGCE and I'm starting to panic, as I have to be observed teaching 4 lessons with AFL in the next two and a half weeks!
    Any advice most welcome,
    Many thanks.
  2. Hi!
    I attended some great networking sessions on AfL provided by King's College London. Lots of the strategies I found I was already implementing, as will you find when you read about it.

    Have a look at this link, it may be useful:

    There are lots of information and ideas on AfL on the web - google it!

    Good luck with your observations.
  3. AfL is the kids knowing where they are and how to improve. So use your objectives in lessons and series of lessons to help the students show progression.

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