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Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by plmccahi, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Has anyone had any experience of delivering an INSET on AFL? Would love to hear from peoples experiences/ideas that worked well?

  2. Yes. Look at the Shirley Clarke 'Active Learning through Formative Assessment' book. She also does a DVD with clips to show for whole school training. All of the content is based on experiences of teachers. I have been part of her Action Research group and I have found her input and the infromation in the book and DVD very useful. It has taken the school's AFL techniques to the next level, We did lots of AFL before but Shirley's input has took our AFL practice from good to outstanding. She suggests that it takes approx 2 years to embed effectively so it's not a quick fix. If you try and do it all at once it will not be done effectively.Take it a bit at a time, maybe one aspect each half term and it keeps AFL fresh in people's mind whilst giving opportunity for reflection time. In her book, she also suggests setting up your own action research group in school, we found this worked very well as staff don't always hear the same voice telling them about AFL and also the action reserchers can talk about the experiences in their own classrooms.

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