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AFL in PE at the end of the lesson.

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by andyhawk83, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Afternoon all,
    As PE teachers how do you use AFL effectivly in the changing rooms at the ends of lessons. I am trying to avoid paper flying around but would like to be able to do some AFL whilst they are changing at the end. Any Ideas?
  2. Afternoon all,
    As PE teachers how do you use AFL effectivly in the changing rooms at the ends of lessons. I am trying to avoid paper flying around but would like to be able to do some AFL whilst they are changing at the end. Any Ideas?
  3. Pupil friendly levels laminated and stuck on walls around changing room for pupils to view. They can look and determine for themselves what level they think they are at and what they need to do to improve.
    At the start of a unit you can even share pupils level with them and they can find this on the wall and therefore be aware again of where they are and what they need to do to improve.
    They can then use the levels at the end of the lesson to determine whether they have achieved what was required of them.
    You could use these levels in a variety of ways, e.g. pupils who believe they are 4c (or below) change along one wall, 4b against another wall and 4a (or above) against another wall. Then at end of lesson you could find a way of pupils representing whether they feel they have improved, stayed the same or even if they feel they have not achieved upto their original predicted level. You could do this by distributing cards and each taking a card that represents how they think they did. E.g. for older pupils, green card for improvement, yellow for staying the same and red for below original prediction. For younger pupils you could use faces, one happy, one sad and one with a flat mouth.

    Just a couple of ideas, hope they help :)
  4. This is good practice... What we would do in our dept.
    Also when giving Learning Objective, and particularly the learning outcomes.
    Rate these...
    All (Knowledge of Coaching points, can do in isolation) level 4c
    Most ( Application: Apply the method to some experience... i.e in conditioned game) level 4a
    Some (Examine & Compare: Explain 2 strengths, and an area to improve for own or others work) level 5b
    At the end... use Q& A / discussions, and a show of thumbs to gage what levels students are working at or towards. This will also give students a clear pathway to move once they have achieved the earlier sections..

  5. dbu

    dbu New commenter

    Hi i've often done the colour code against cones at the end of the lesson that they line up against before coming off field, then on way inside get them to talk with someone in that same line and decide what they need to do or focus on next lesson. you can then chat to them about this once changed or still on entry into changing rooms.
    just a note - please don't use sad faces!! is that not giving the message that its sad to be less able or having not achieved what they set out to. i often use thumbs up for yes i achieved and wobbly thumbs for i found that tricky wth younger children, but never thumbs down as thats negative.
    hope you find something that works!
  6. Hi

    I do a similar thing, in the changing rooms are displayed pupil friendly descriptors. The pupils read them and then using numbered stars (they are given their number at the start of the year) the place their star on the whiteboard in corresponding level. This happens at the start of the lesson and end, it works and gets them discussing levels.
  7. If i ever hear pupils discussing levels in PE i make them do press ups until they forget what they were talking about!
  8. Hi, I am so refreshed that somebody else believes that levels in PE are nonsense and should be erased from memory, they are meaningless!!
    If you want to assess effectively, use AFL by setting individual targets and have a good system of baseline. Encourage students to coach, use flip cams for evaluation against the perfect model and produce resources students can visually see that they need to do to progress. Differentiate resources like beach balls and balloons in volleyball for weaker students and use DVD on a constant loop. Use your MLE if you have one to model good practice and set research HW on the lines of come to next weeks lesson with a suggestion on how to improve and what is your reasoning. Use the L2L agenda and embed a system of self assessment. Lastly, use the terms Working towards, in line with expectations and working beyond.
    Hope this helps. Whoever wrote the levels will, I guarantee, never connected to PE at school and is beating the profession with this stick. My school has got rid totally and uses L2L, AFL and peer and self assessment against well thought out and planned class tracking and targets. Sorry for the rant but anyone how tells me that you cannot be exceptional overall because you are only good at Football and Basketball is a fool. Would Messi be a level 6?
  9. Im sure Tendulkar new exactly how to get from a 4c to a 4b!
  10. Have you read them?

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