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Affordable Housing on new developments...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by MrsBauer, May 28, 2011.

  1. We are looking to buy a new house on a new development which will cost us a lot of money. The house we like is near affordable housing plots. Does anyone have any experience of living near affordable housing (govt schemes and rentals)?
  2. I'm assuming you have started this post because you have some sort of negative assumptions about people who would live in affordable housing?
  3. I have some worries, yes. It will cost us all the money we have (and are ever likely to have!) to buy there and I'm worried something might spoil it, make us unhappy, and leave us stuck there unable to sell in the future. If it doesn't cost someone in the ah plots much to live there, what's to say they will look after their homes etc? I am not stereotyping, I'm just saying that I'm worried a small minority could affect things.
    I have a horrible neighbour atm who plays loud music and they rent but are not in ah so I know people can be unreasonable no matter where or what they live in. BUT I am still worried.
    Would you be able to tell that the houses are aff homes?
    Could the negative associations with ah affect house prices?
    Could someone who isn't going to argue with me just give their honest opinion/speak from experience?

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