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AF due, brown spotting, but BBT still really high

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by trish82, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    Hi antoniou. A friend of mine has been referred to the fertility clinic and has been told by the that charting her temp is a waste of time and not accurate. I haven't been tracking the TTC thread so not sure what else you've been trying but have you tried the ovulation strips. I seem to remember getting something like 50 for £8 when I was TTCing. Sorry I can't be more help! Good luck and I hope AF doesn't appear!! T x
  2. Well temp took a nosedive this morning so AF will be arriving some time today. I just wish the referral for my HSG will hurry up so I can find out once and for all if I need to go through IVF. It's looking increasingly likely that I will.
  3. Asta9

    Asta9 New commenter

    Sorry to hear that your AF is here again.

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