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advised termination

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by catherine_ann, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. catherine_ann

    catherine_ann Occasional commenter

    Hi All, my friend has haemolytic anaemia due to enzyme deficiency and has had to have several blood transfusions over the past few years. She has now been stable for about 6 months, but has recently found out that she is pregnant. Docs have advised that it would be detrimental to her heath if she continued with the pregnancy as she could not cope with losing significant amounts of blood if mc occurred and also it would be unlikely that she could go full term without mc due to the shortage of viable red blood cells in her system which would struggle to get enough oxygen to both her and baby. I was wondering if anyone had been advised a termination. Thanks for reading.
  2. So sorry your friend is experiencing this. No experience on my part but couldn't read and run. What are her instincts telling her? This may not be helpful what so ever, is highly emotive, lacking in intelligent reasoning and of no medical relevance BUT I'd die for my baby and knew that from day 1. Can they categorically tell her she won't reach 24+ weeks?? Lots of love to you both xxx
  3. i note it's blood loss "if" she miscarried. it is entirely up to her what she does - they can't make her terminate and the do have to give her the best care possible during her pregnancy whether they approve or not. they told me my pregnancy wasn't viable, that i'd miscarry or need a termination for medical reasons and that my body would never carry to full term and that i'd need a c-section and my healthy, happy amazing 14 month old is stood here dancing to music as i type following a natural birth and no pregnancy complications or fetal deforminties.
    i'd advise your friend to research who is a world reknowned expert in her condition and contact them for an opinion and then do what she thinks is the right course of action x

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