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Advise on a job in Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Training_2_Teach, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    • What is it like to work in a government funded school/college (grades 9-12) with local emirati kid?
    • Is 7-3pm (8 hours) a day too long for a teacher that is used to only teaching 6 hours How is teaching 26 x 45min lessons a week as apposed to 22 X 1 hour sessions
    • The school is on a temporary campus in the city til Jan 2012, then after will be expected to go to the new build on the outskirts of the city - will this mean a lot of travelling?
    • Is 12198 to 13698AED salary sufficient for a family of 3 to live on?
    • Is 11600AED per month housing allowance sufficient? Will the school help me find an accommodation?
  2. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    • Also school operates a two semester academic year with a two week break mid January plus Islamic holidays - this means no half terms!
  3. Okay, I work with all Emirati kids and it's fine... behaviour is okay. BUT if it's a government school then you'll have a different perspective (i'm in a private one) as I know from talking to others that government schools here adopt a very different approach. Displays are lacking, resources are lacking, behaviour can be challenging. As for temporary campus... no way would I work in anything 'temporary' here!
    The salary is okay, but not enough for a family of 3 for sure. That's okay for a single person. As for the housing allowance... I wouldn't take any job with an 'allowance' as apartments/houses can be difficult to find and extremely expensive. Personally, I would only take a job here in AD which comes with accommodation...
    There are much better deals out there and if you're bringing a family, you want a school that will give you accommodation as well as tuition for your child, medical insurance and flights for the whole family.
    PM me which school it is...
  4. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    Sorry I forgot to add Employment package includes:

    • monthly tax free salary of AED12198 to 13698 a monthly
    • housing allowance of AED9280 (single) or AED11600 (couples) per month,
    • a relocation allowance of AED20000,
    • medical insurance for up to 3 children and a total education allowance of AED60000 per annum (suitable for one - maybe two - child - ren- only).
    • flights are provided for employee and spouse only. Male and female applicants can sponsor their married partner.
    Also the school only takes high achieving kids who pass the school's entry test
  5. The school sounds like a model school. The facilities are better than most governement school. The demands on licensed teachers is unreasonable as well as the behaviour of the pupils. As a licensed teacher said to me working here sucks, but Abu Dhabi is a good place to live.

    Most Emirati kids are respectful, but lack the commitment to work. Also the culute here is that most pupils should get 80% +. So there are positive and negatives.
  6. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    Hi thanks folks,

    It looks like I won't be continuing with the application:
    1) Too long working hours and too less pay and school holidays (based on a two semester academic year)
    2) Don't like the idea of housing allowance - would much rather prefer them providing free accommodation - hassle free
    3) They won;t pay for my child's air fare and they will only finance for one child's education and that doesn't include KG/Nursery
    4) Unsure of the location of the new build on the outskirts of the city - don't want to be stuck in traffic and taking soo long to get back home after a long 8 hour shift
    5) Less school holidays mean won't be able to explore and make the most of being out in the UAE

    There are however positives but not as many in comparison to the negatives, it's a good school, kids are local emirati high achieving, the curriculum is interesting and something In would want to teach.

    I would probably only consider it if they increased the pay and found and paid for somewhere for us to live -

  7. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    We are talking a selective government school here and so behaviour is excellent. Unlike most schools, academic performance is monitored and students are asked to leave if they don't keep up. Better packages out there in international schools but not in state ones.
  8. rosyanna

    rosyanna New commenter

    I understand that the gov schools have changed to a 3 term system - they definitely got 2 weeks off in December [it used to be end Jan], so try and check with someone if this is important.
    Thisismytruth, I have heard that if you work for the education council direct, rather than thrrough one of the providers, the salaries are very good - a lot better than at a lot of the prvate schools = is this not true?
  9. Behaviour didn't look excellent earlier... I encountered this school earlier today on a trip... the teachers looked like bouncers who were pumped up on steroids and were basically crowd controlling. There was no evidence of any relationship with the kids. The school looked like some kind of prison camp in their grey tshirt/cap/trouser combo. Just my view!!
    Actually the ADEC package being offered to the primary teachers to work in goverment schools for September is very good... up to about 18k a month.
  10. rednelly84

    rednelly84 New commenter

    You not interested then?! :p
  11. Not on your nelly!! [​IMG]
  12. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    RE ADEC:

    Pay is better but there are no school fees paid for kids. If you're single or have no kids, that's fine.

    And you work in schools where the levels of motivation aren't the best. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.
  13. rednelly84

    rednelly84 New commenter

    Oh, you tickle me! [​IMG]

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