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Advise needed

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tania_oliveira, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. tania_oliveira

    tania_oliveira New commenter

    Good afternoon,

    I NEED a BIG HELP please!

    I just had a phone call for a interview this thursday, and I'm panicking!!!

    I have to prepare an "active numeracy task for a group of up to 12 children (year 3) of mixed ability. We would like you to allow children to develop their oracy skills in your chosen lesson. The task should not last for more than 10 minutes and please have your lesson plan with you. An interactive whiteboard (using Smart Notebook software) and an attached laptop will be available to you."

    Could you PLEASE!! help me???

    Thank you

    P.S I really want this job!!!
  2. summlard

    summlard New commenter

    Well first of all it is advice not advise. Sorry to be pedantic.

    10 minutes isn't long at all. Perhaps a loop card game? Or a times table challenge? Or playing battleships for coordinates?

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