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Advice wanted - most time-efficient way to stay fit and burn calories

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by GalaxyRider, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. I always believe that fitting exercise in around your life is the key. Have you thought about cycling to work instead of driving? I cycle to and from work, 15 miles at least each way, and it works for me.
    You'll be doing triathlons by this time next year!
  2. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Couch to 5K. Google it. 20 minutes per session. Sorted.
  3. I'm reading all these and thinking, "Hmmmm, but I LOVE swimming! That sounds AWFUL!!" Except Eva's weights thing that will reduce my body fat in 30 mins a session - how many sessions do you do per week, Eva?
    I had a session with a personal trainer when I joined the gym. I told her what I wanted but the programme she designed for me involved lots of things like being a cobra and very little of using the cool machines. I didn't fancy driving all the way there and getting dressed up in trackies to lie about on the floor being a cobra for £80 a month in front of the local kids, frankly!! I could do that at home! Her programme lasted an hour. And she started by asking me what I wanted and me saying I was thinking swimming may get boring, then itemising my swimming routine, which she interrupted by saying it was boring her just hearing about it. So that probably put me off a bit.... Perhaps I should try again with someone else.
    The couch to 50K thing is everything I don't want to do - all the faffing around eating healthily etc! And I've never been a runner. I belong in the water, I think. I swim so I can eat what I want, really, I don't want some programme that's going to control my life foodwise, it's all too integrated into my family life.
    And cycling to school is a non-starter for me because I deliver 2 kids to various schools along the way!
    Mainly what I think I want is a way to burn the same calories as 4 one-hour swims a week in 3 sessions (even if they have to be 1.5 hours each). It's all about burning calories. I want to be able to carry on enjoying a roast dinner every Sunday and a chicken kebab on a Friday night and also just hoover up whatever I fancy in the school dinners I get for free (which means I can spend 15 mins of my lunch break eating and the rest getting through work!), and still be a size 12 (I was heading towards a 16 when I decided to do something about it and started swimming).
  4. lucylollipop

    lucylollipop New commenter

    Hmmm..... so can't you just do 3 x one and a half hour swims per week?
  5. It is well worth going along to your GP and asking about a blood test to ascertain whether your thyroid gland is producing enough thyroxine.
    Exercise, for its own sake, can be boring, so making it a part of your daily routine might help. The suggestion of cycling to school is a good one: you get the exercise as well as saving on petrol or fares. One tip is to remember not to wear trousers made entirely or partially of man-made fibres, such as polyester: the friction with the saddle will give you to large shiny spots on the backside!
    Perhaps consider getting a dog: a relaxing walk with a canine companion will transform even the most stressful of lives.

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