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Advice to parent regarding SEN TA

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by debela65, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. My son My son has ASD ( high functional) and he’s a year2 with SEN Statement. His SEN TA is lovely lady, motherly type but not proactive, not resourceful and not challenging for high functional/passive kid. In whole she is more like baby sitter and do only what she’s been told to do. I have great communication with teacher and she agree with my view of TA but her hand are tight. My son does very easily get attached to some people and he has to his TA. My only argument with SENCO to get new TA next year, would be that attachment to one person is not to benefit my son and will only develop dependency. While we are all working to make him more independent.
    My understanding was that schools rotated SEN TA for the same reason they do with teachers. I know that funding is reduced in most of schools and that schools do they best to accommodate everybody. Please advise me what to do.
    Many thanks. Kira
  2. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    That doesn't happen where I worked.I was with one child with ASD for 7 years.It worked well and as he grew I helped him to become independent and in Yr6 he had two TA's.He coped really well in Secondary.
    If you have a good relationship with the Head then I would be inclined to ask for a meeting with the Head and the SENCO.You may find that the Head chooses where staff are placed.I would be asking if the TA is qualified and to what level.This does not always make for a better TA because I have known some unqualified staff to be better then qualified.Your child's IEP should state targets and the TA should be working towards helping him achieve those.If you go and have a chat then you may have a chance to have a different TA but be careful what you wish for.
    Perhaps the TA doesn't have any experience of ASD and could be encourage to attend a course.I did two certificates in Autism and so did another member of staff as we have had a few children on the spectrum. This is only my opinion so think about it carefully.

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