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Advice sought by class teacher of a governor's child......

Discussion in 'Governors' started by y4me, May 20, 2017.

  1. y4me

    y4me New commenter

    The daughter of one of our school governors is in my Y5 class. In our recent online tracking assessments (which were reported to parents), she came out below age related expectations and her parents were not pleased, to the extent that they rushed to see the headteacher, complaining about my 'incompetencies' as a teacher, in leaving their daughter unready for SATS next year....

    ...The head was cross with me for not noticing the 'problem' earlier and putting remedies in place (it was only when I came to do all the ticking of boxes and adding them up that I realised).

    I now have to provide and teach mountains of extra work to get her to age related, on top of the rest of my workload that I am struggling to cope with......This means I will have to work with her over my lunch break, as well as give her individually more than a proportional amount of my time in lessons. With only 90 minutes' PPA time a week, I tend to spend at least half my lunch hour preparing and marking etc., but will now have to leave these important duties and hence not be prepared enough for my afternoon lessons....

    I have not been asked to give the same treatment to other children not reaching age related expectations........Why should governors' kids be treated as 'special'?

    I have also posted this on 'Workplace Dilemmas', but would really appreciate a governor's point of view. Thanks.
  2. Lattelady

    Lattelady New commenter

    That this is a governor's child does not make an iota of difference. I would be expecting you to make sure you treat this pupil in the same manner that you would treat any other child in these circumstances. Being a governor foes not give you or your children special privileges, despite what some may think. I would be having rather harsh words if governors thought it did and have done so on occasion.
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  3. ViolaClef

    ViolaClef Lead commenter

    So what is happening for the other children who are not reaching age-related standards?
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  4. revstevew

    revstevew New commenter

    Speaking as someone who was a Parent Governor, I would never dare ask for preferential treatment for my children, and indeed if I found out my child was being treated better than others in the class as a result of who I was, I would be wanting answers from the Head. In my opinion the Governor and the Head are very much in the wrong, assuming there have never been any other issues with your teaching of the class.
    Obviously if you are in capabilities then I can possibly understand the Governor being upset, but not the preferential treatment.

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