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Advice required on crossing picket line

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by segbog, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Why are you not striking? Not in a union?

  2. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I did wonder too but the OP is free to do as he or she decides,for whatever reason. Considering that the dispute is the government as a whole and not with the schools as individual entities,I cannot imagine that there will be picket lines at individual schools. The protest is to not turn up for work on that day and be counted,not shouting at other colleagues.
  3. heldon

    heldon Occasional commenter


    will you take any improvement in the deal if it happens because of the action or will you donate it ?????
    current conditions that you enjoy were hard won over the last 200 years -think long and hard about it --not too late to join a union
    you may find people will treat you differently in the future if you don't -these things are not easily
  4. The above comment is not necesary - we are not fighting ourselves - we are fighting the forces who are - the government. The OP is quite entitled to their opinion. Think the above comment should be withdrawn tbh - do the right thing...
  5. I posted for advice not to be judged. I simply don't believe in striking and would expect colleagues to be professional, not immature about it-by saying these things are not easily forgotten shows a pretty immature attitude.
  6. BillyBobJoe

    BillyBobJoe Established commenter

    If you're going to scab then you're siding with the government. The OP is entitled to their opinion. Everyone else is entitled to their opinion of that opinion.
  7. sbf

    sbf New commenter

    Even if i didnt agree with the strike (which i do) i would not go in. for the sake of £80 its simply not worth being branded a scab.
    If the strike action goes on into the new year and finally better conditions are approved i could not look my fellow teachers in the eye if i sat on my **** and did nothing but then took all the goodies on offer.

  8. You lot don't know the meaning of scab - so don't pap it around like you know what it means.
    This is not the '80's (which I lived through) so don't hit ordinary folk with your fake, leftist rubbish. Some folk can't pay their rent, whilst others polish their BMW's (and calling others scabs) so *** and get real real. We are fighting cuts, not ourselves. You wanna get aggro - get to Kelvingrove and put a tent up... and leave those that don't want it alone.

  9. Thank you segbog-someone who realises that everyone is entitled to their own opinion (and their own reasons for doing things).
  10. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Its never a good idea to seek advice and then ignore or take umbrage at that which is given. It is regrettable that you are not prepared to lose a day's pay to defend your pension (and those of other public service workers). To say that some of your colleagues may view this with a degree of contempt is only to state the truth I am afraid. I am sure you will not be subjected to abuse but your relationships with your striking colleagues will certainly be affected.
  11. This was not advice - this was being called a scab by people who do not know what that really means...
  12. If you're in a Union that votes to strike and you cross the picket line then you are a scab.
    Now can you explain how asking your employer to stick to the deal that they agreed four years ago is 'leftish rubbish?'
    I can only assume that when the unions manage to get you a better deal than the one on offer you will refuse to accept it?
    Thought not.
  13. Dominie I am not ignoring advice given-no one has actually given advice on my original question-they have simply told me to strike and asked why I am not. If colleagues choose for our relationship to be affected through this that is their problem and says a lot about the kind of person they are. If people do choose to lose a friendship through this then the friendship is not worth anything anyway.
  14. On the other hand they may not - given that approx 55% of EIS members chose not to vote for strike action. As a good number of them are probably finding it hard to forget how their permanent colleagues shafted them, they may not particularly care what individuals do or don't do.
  15. Just to make it clear-I am not in a union and I have not asked or expected any union to negotiate a deal on my behalf.
  16. Yawn - you that naive? Grow up. Yeah - we all have huge bank accounts and BMW's...get real - times is tough - I am not crossing any picket line - but I respect those that do - because I am not fighting them - I am fighting the government and those that have caused this - not my colleagues...you lot are thick...
  17. I will be in school on November 30th. Our school will be shut to pupils and it looks likely that there will only be two of us in. I will be in because my union (SPTA) are not striking, my colleague isn't in a union. I'm in SPTA because I was not pleased with the behaviour of EIS (my previous union) over the SNCT agreement. As a supply teacher that affected me badly and I felt let down. So I left. Now they're striking and had I still been a member I too would have gone on strike (striked/struck?). I believe in striking as a form of protest (although believe work to rule would be more effective).
    Please don't judge people for expressing their concerns over crossing a picket line.
  18. The advice SPTA gave was to listen politely to anyone on the picket line but that you must cross it. However when in school you must not take on any work which would normally be done by a teacher on strike. If asked to do so you should refuse. If told to do so you should ask for it in writing and then refuse and send a copy to your union.
  19. Thanks Jennett-that's helpful.
  20. sbf

    sbf New commenter

    Thats such a naive way of looking at the relationships you have with friends or work colleagues. If i was doing something that i thought would upset a friend and it was in my power then i would not do it,
    As for smegbog for someone who keeps telling us we are not fighing each other you want to insult and pick fights with everyone who disagrees with your juvenile banter.
    Im begining to think you are 15 and like living a Walter Mitty existance.
    If your are a teacher then you realy need to get out of teaching, maybe you need to look long and hard at why you are on supply and cant get a f/t job.


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