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Advice Requested For Setting Up a Primary VLE

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Moodlemad, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi MIB
    tbh I'm a bit confused by what you're after here.
    Have you already got a VLE in place as you wrote the posting?
    Is it supported by someone you bought it off? When you say 'timeline' you talk as though you are going to go over to it 100% instead of gradually like most of us do.
    Why the letters to parents? Are they to be involved?
    I'm HOD independant secondary ICT and use my vle daily (text, quizzes, pods, scorm, on line marking, diary reminders, control assessed repository etc etc ) but I would shape a vle for primary very differently.
    Apologies for sounding a bit thick


  2. We doen't havea VLE in Place but have purchased a very good Primary one.
    Going over to it gradualy implies some time line and structure has been used. What would you suggest?
    How much do Staff need to know before children are introduced to it?
    Can we use the built in applications / resources before any Staff have created or have a clue about how to make/develope courses?
    Isn't it a curtesy to inform parents that a VLE will be available to their children at home?
    How would a HOD Independant Secondary ICT shape a Primary VLE?
    I'm just enquiring after suggestestions and the knowing / missing of any pitfalls.

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