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Advice re new changes please

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Currently I do full course - Religion & Life Christianity only in year 10 and Religion & Society Christianity & Islam in year 11. This has not been problematic as they study a unit, do the exam and move on and then repeat.

    However, with the new changes obviously both exams will be at the end of year 11. Part of me says mix the units up so they do half in each year so at least they have done half of each paper in the last 12 months before the exams.
    The other part of me says will that then confuse them as to whatparts have islam in and which don't and will they end up trying to do islam on the wrong paper?

    A handful of students might only be entered for the short course - this way of wrking will blow their minds!
    Does it all go in one book? Two books?
    Basically I haven't a clue where to go with this - what are other HODS doing?

  2. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    We used to do all of it at the end of year 11, but when modular started we were pressured to follow suit. It helps when you have two different teachers if you have 2hrs for FC, each having their own books and methods. If this is not possible, I would still have two sets of books and cover different modules in each term. Having images on the front of their books of the different topics might help to not confuse the students. Could you not study just Christianity for both exams, or study Islam and Christianity for both exams?
  3. Hiya, nope they have same teacher all the time on 2 hours a week.have to do what we are doing as church school so want the emphasis on Christianity but Diocesan syllabus also says we have to do a 2nd religion (which I want to do anyway) but all my staff are non specialists.
    So let me get this right - you would mix and match the units? Works for most of my staff except one.
  4. Hi Lev
    In the old linear days (before modules) I taught Chrisitanity in year 10 and Islam in year 11 (not quite the same options as you). The students found this fine, we could move through Islam quicker as they were a bit more mature and this left us time to go back and revise Christianity at the end of year 11.
    When the 'new' papers came in we went to OCR and did Phil/Ethics teaching different units using different religions depending which seemed to have the most to say on the topic covered. The students were given a list showing which topics were in which paper and which religions they had covered for which unit. We only ever had tiny numbers who got confused and wrote about the wrong religion in the wrong topic area (usually they were students who we'd dual entered for ELC - but not all of these made the mistake). We still taught the 'papers' in order so we could tell them that they needed to revise year 10 topics for the paper on this date and year 11 topics for the paper on the other date.
    We are currently experimenting with mixing up the units within each year. I gues we won't know how this will work until the exams in 2 years (and maybe the mocks). We have made sure we give students paper ref numbers as well as topic titles for each unit so they can clear identify which topic will be on which paper.
  5. Before we switched to Edexcel we did OCR - three papers at the end of two years. We mixed and matched topics and each paper had its own exercise book.

    This is what we're doing now. Starting with Unit 3, then when we've finished unit 1 we'll teach unit 8.1 and so on. From previous experience it's not too bad, the main problem is trying to revise the work at the end of year 11, especially as both of our papers are usually sat in the same week...

    We are teaching one group on a rotation basis, just because one class is so awful, it's better to share the pain than to leave one poor staff member with the group for two years. We'll see how it all pans out in 2014!
  6. Thanks for your replies guys. Not sure I am anywhere near closer to deciding what to do lol. Might leave it as it is this year and next as it is the first year my staff have taught the Islam component and I think they need time to get their heads around it before I ask them to teach it again. Will stick it on agenda for next department meeting and see what their opinion is. Think it's about time someone esle was HOD and made the hard decisions and just let me teach my classes .. in my dreams!.
  7. Hi Lev - I feel your pain!
    I am going to keep it all exactly the same this year - YEar 10 Christianity unit 2 and Year 11 with Islam Unit 8. Then with the time we have at the end for revision split between the 2 with emphasis on Year 10 work and a truck load of after school revision sessions.
    The other chacnge will be that I will set end of unit mocks on the Year 10 work throughout Year 11, so they will have to revise Year 10 throughout Year 11 too...at least that's the plan!
    You are awesome - you will make it work :)
    A x
  8. That's a good idea Ange - doing mini tests in year 11 - I like that idea.

    Anyway after Mr Gove's latest decree to scrap GCSES I have decided not to kill myself changing stuff that may well go in the bin in 18 months. Bit of luck it will be someone's problem by then!

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