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Advice please

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by mrandmrsscience, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. mrandmrsscience

    mrandmrsscience New commenter

    So I got a job as head of subject at a school after I got a job starting September as a usual teacher role. They said I could apply for the internal head of subject post and I got it. I have been told that the person who thought the job was in the bag for them. Has pretty much been said they are not going to respect me. They have offered me support as such as in they are aware of this and comments the person has made. Any advice to managing such situations? I don’t want to have any animosity and I totally understand how he feels but they blanked me the twice I have been in and I can see it being a huge issue. I just want to hell improve the department but I don’t think they will see it this way.
  2. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    Talk with them. Level with them. Explain that you have heard that this is the case (it might not be, so be careful). Explain that you see the dept as a team, that your leadership will be democratic rather than autocratic, ask for their support, promise (and keep the promise) to support them.
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  3. Easyasabc

    Easyasabc Occasional commenter

    This is unprofessional towards you as hod if they do not recignise your post or role its a problem. Report them to your lm. Ask them to repeat their threat in writing . Clarify if they are going to block you and therefore progress?

    1 Be measured
    2 Be polite
    3 Be professional
    4 Let your lm know everything about this blocker
    5 Build your team asap
    6 Build positivity but dont bow down to the blocker
    7 Get your 2ic on side

    Good luck!
  4. koopatroopa

    koopatroopa Senior commenter

    Don't panic. This might just be an emotional reaction to not getting the job and once you are working together and your new colleague sees your skills and value it just won't be a problem.
  5. thejudgesscoresarein

    thejudgesscoresarein Occasional commenter

    You have been appointed as the subject leader (and their line manager) so therefore they do need to respect you. I know what it’s like as early on in my career when I got promoted, I experienced some ‘friction’ between a member of staff and myself, however they quickly understood and we got on fine!
    I wouldn’t take it personal, just try and get them on your side and take it as an advantage that you’ve got an experienced colleague on your team. Perhaps, you could allocate them extra responsibility within the department to aid their progression?

    Don’t get disheartened by the fact someone is disgruntled- remember, the Headteacher and/or the Governing Body appointed you. They obviously see some ‘worth in your work’ otherwise you wouldn’t have got the job.
  6. cheesypop

    cheesypop Senior commenter

    This was probably very raw in July and may not be an issue in September. It can be very hard not getting an internal post, especially if you are encouraged to apply by management. This person was probably upset and venting. Really it should never have been brought to yours or anyone else’s attention.

    I would put it to the back of my mind and see how the member of staff is in September. The relevant people are aware that it may be a potential issue- that’s all you need right now.

    Enjoy the summer and let’s hope that person is enjoying it too.
  7. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Who on earth told you that? What an appalling thing to have done...talk about gossip!
    Who has offered support and why on earth do they think you will need it?
    Either the person concerned somehow gets over it and is professional or SLT will need to address the unprofessional behaviour.
    Telling you the poor sod had a bit of a tantrum while hurt and disappointed doesn't bode well for being able to trust that person.

    If the disappointed member of staff is a bit off in September, then just go and have a chat and let them know you are aware of what happened and that you sympathise. Tell them you'd be absolutely gutted in their situation and would find it really hard to cope, but you are sure they are rather more resilient. Make sure you go out of your way to value their input and to be perfectly polite and understanding and they'll be fine in the end.
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