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Advice please!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by irishgirl1982, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. irishgirl1982

    irishgirl1982 New commenter

    Hi. I have been a T.A for many years. I work as a 1-2-1 with an extremely difficult child. They are not statemented.
    I spent most of last year out of class with them and restraining them.
    They are aggressive to other children and adults. Refuses to listen to anybody. (They will listen to me sometimes)

    I have suggested ADHD and OD D. The school have finally admitted there is a problem. They have yet to offer any support.

    The Senior management team are not helpful. They reward them when they are sent to them with stickers and a walk. The child has learned that to misbehave is the vest way of getting rewarded.

    I have tried reward charts,positive praise, every sanction you can think of. I have tried ignoring bad behaviour.
    The schools latest offering is to keep them outside the classroom and for me to teach them phonics,literacy and maths. (They still only do half day)
    And they will only be allowed in the room for fruit time.
    The teacher supports them as they have complained that the other children are unable to learn with him in the room.

    The childs family are unable to cope with them. They hit and push the parent every day at hand over time.
    They are apparently waiting for a CAAHMS appointment but this could be untrue.

    My questions are
    -Can they do this?
    -I am only paid as a Level 2 TA,will this be more like a level 3/4
    - What can i do? Im in a union. Is it worth getting them involved?
    -I feel like they are palming the child off on to me (AGAIN) and not offering me any support.

    Any advice welcome.
    Im not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.
  2. Fartface45

    Fartface45 New commenter


    Where I work in our local authority a level 2 TA would be a grade 4 and usually 1-1 is a grade 5 and usually a level 3 or willingness to work towards but I have also known a person with no qualifications and no experience be given a 1-1 job on the same pay as a level 3!!! ( that was somewhere I no longer work!!!) ..it worries me when you say restraining them!! You cld potentially hurt yourself or put yourself in a tricky situation so really some support shld be offered... I was sadly in a similar situation with a child becoming increasingly aggressive and difficult. Tantrums lasted nearly all morning sessions and I had my arm gripped, kicked etc ..I left when it became clear this was my job for another yr ahead ..... I didn't feel I was paid enough and I had no help either!!! When I asked for training and some support I was told they had spent the funds already and I just felt I had gone as far as I could.... A friend of mine also had a very similar experience to you and ended up off sick and also left...her days were also spent out of the classroom..... I would try and speak with the SLT and if it is they say well there is no option get looking for somewhere else!!! ...
  3. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    I'm afraid schools can pay you they want and that includes the teachers not just the TAs
    .Think about the support you need, find some local courses and approach your SENCo and/ head with a clearly defined list. Ask if there is a special school you could visit for advice and strategies.
    Does your LA still have a behaviour team? If it does request they come in. It will be in the schools best interest to sort this out if it is affecting the other children as they will not want parents removing their children.
  4. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    I've worked 1:1 with a violent child and was paid as a Level 1 TA (pay grade 3) as are the vast majority of 1:1 TAs and most new TA's.
    7 months into the contract I was sent on a positive handling course - it was good, but should really have been done earlier.
  5. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    Speaking as a Union Rep then yes the union should be able to do something. Trouble is that is in theory.

    In practice it depends on how much other staff are prepared to rally together and support this issue. If so then this gives the Rep a mandate to go to the Head and point out that Something must be Done. Assuming honesty on both sides then the Something can be worked out.

    Most likely though is the Head will want to preserve the status quo and the Rep will have no bargaining position given that it's now virtually impossible to hold an effective strike. In this scenario your likely nervous breakdown is neither here or there.

    J Cazorla,
    Author of How to be a Cover Supervisor
  6. PaulaJWilliams

    PaulaJWilliams New commenter

    Do you have links with your local special school they deal with children with challenging behaviour all the time and could offer some good advice. Team teach training has effective methods for managing behaviour. It can be draining when dealing with children like this and you need to look after your own health and stress levels otherwise you will end up ill. The child may need a specific programme for their needs which can be different to the curriculum. I would seek Union advice to protect yourself and keep a diary as proof of incidents and meetings with senior managers. Good luck
  7. Deirds

    Deirds Senior commenter


    This may not be of much help to you, but the school could get into trouble. They are effectively excluding the child by not allowing them into lessons or to have a full day. A TA should not be responsible for the child's teaching.

    Ideally, the parents should be seeking help from the LEA to get the school into line. It doesn't sound as if they would do this, unfortunately.

    You are in a very difficult position. I would suggest you would be better to look for work in another school.

    I left a job once as a 1:1 at a half-term. I had given a month's notice. I didn't feel comfortable about it but my health was at stake. The parents found their child a more suitable placement. I don't know if my departure was a catalyst or not.

    If the child isn't statemented it does make things more awkward.

    I do think the school are treating you both badly. If they want the child taught entirely separately they should hire an extra teacher.

    Good luck.

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