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Advice please, Teaching in Cologne

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by MrDodoKennedy007, May 19, 2019.

  1. MrDodoKennedy007

    MrDodoKennedy007 New commenter

    I've been peeling through the pages to find anyone who is/was recently teaching at an international school in that area,south of, outside city, to share some experience but not much available. Any relevant info most welcome. School experience, Accommodation, costs ect...
  2. tigi

    tigi Occasional commenter

    I have heard that staff aren't especially happy and lots are leaving. I've heard it from someone who is there currently.
  3. MrDodoKennedy007

    MrDodoKennedy007 New commenter

    Thanks Tigi.
  4. worlo24

    worlo24 New commenter

    I know of someone who works there and apparently all the new starters from September are pretty unhappy
  5. MrDodoKennedy007

    MrDodoKennedy007 New commenter

    Can you PM me so I can get a clearer picture. Thanks
  6. tillsbury

    tillsbury New commenter

    I worked there for 4 years and I mostly enjoyed my time there. I worked in primary, people in secondary may say something different. It´s a little old school but they are open to new ideas. Staff are friendly and they have a good social life.

    You earn enough to save a some money at the end of the month, not loads but some and Cologne is a fun city. (I would live near Chlodwigplatz)

    PM if you have any specific questions about primary or secondary
  7. MrDodoKennedy007

    MrDodoKennedy007 New commenter

    Thanks. That's very helpful and will have a look at the place you suggested. PM does not seem to work for me unfortunately. Any tips on securing accommodation as everywhere i've read gives the impression that it's quite a hassle or needs to compete to get a decent one.
  8. tillsbury

    tillsbury New commenter

    It is a pain. Landlords don´t necessarily go for the first person willing to put a deposit down. They will show a flat around to a few people and they will choose the person they like the best. I would ask the school to call for you if you don´t speak German too.

    Also it is worth contacting the school to see who is leaving.

    And be prepared to pay for a kitchen. For some reason rentals in Cologne often don´t have kitchens.
  9. Jessaki

    Jessaki Occasional commenter

    It's nothing to do with Cologne, it's just how it is in Germany. A lot of flats just don't have kitchens, that's just how it is. Sometimes they have kitchens and you have to buy it off the old tenant and I know some new builds might have kitchens in them now, but that's just standard practice in Germany.
  10. tillsbury

    tillsbury New commenter

    I only specified Cologne as that is my only experience living in Germany.

    Anyway, It´s weird and it´s an expense that you don´t expect when renting.
  11. frogusmaximus

    frogusmaximus Occasional commenter

    'Perfumes contain a higher concentration of oils, typically around 20 to 30 percent, while the oil concentration in cologne is around 2 to 4 percent. Other types of fragrances such as eau de toilette and eau fraiche fall on the same oil-concentration spectrum.'

    Never used the stuff myself, but each to there own. Wonder what the kids will think?;)

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