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Advice please! NQT and behaviour management

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by sedrury1, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Hi
    I am an NQT in a year 3 class and currently having problems with whole class behaviour issues.
    There are a few children in my class who like to shout out and gain attention, but it seems lately the majority of the class are choosing not to listen/follow instruction etc. I felt like it was just me, but after the HLTA covered my PPA she tells me they are the same for her too.
    We follow the school behaviour management system of sad and smiley faces and i try to use lots of praise for people doing the right thing. I have other rewards available such as taking the class teddy home and a prize box where once a week children who have had smiley faces are picked out of a pot and get to choose a prize.
    A recent observation showed i was using these strategies well so i don't understand what has been happening lately!

    I have spoken about the school rules yet again and i stated what behaviour i expect when on the carpet/working at tables/lining up etc.

    I'm thinking of using a marble jar or something similar specifically for listening skills to earn a DVD afternoon or something but just wondered if anyone had any more ideas?

    I am also going to see my induction mentor tomorrow to discuss the diffficulties i am having. I came back after christmas after 7 weeks off ill so i understand this would have caused some disruption, but 5 weeks into this term and after laying down my rules and expectations i feel they should be back on track (or getting there at least!)

  2. I feel your pain. I'm an NQT in a year 1 class and their behaviour this half term has started to slip. Lots of low level talking and messing about and I felt like I was constantly moaning at them.
    However, this week it's like they've transformed again. I've got my nice class back.
    I'd been on lots if courses and had quite a bit of time away for the classroom and it had unsettled them. Just keep going and use your behaviour management systems and hopefully ( fingers crossed) they'll turn around for you too :)
  3. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    Feeling your pain also. One thing that hasn't been mentioned at all,is the system of sanctions. You cannot modify behaviour simply using varying degrees of cuddles. At some point kids need to see that poor behaviour isn't merely rewarded less, but is discouraged by the steel of disapproval.
    Sanctions can take many forms, but making kids sit with you during break or lunch, calling home or removing them from their peers and making them do something fairly plain are all excellent strategies. Don't be afraid of this,. They need you to lay down the law. And as long as the boundaries are loving (that is, for their benefit) then you can sleep easy.
    Good luck
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  4. oh yes, i follow the school's behaviour management system of the sad faces too, so 1 sad face - write name on the board, 2 - 5 min timeout. 3- 10 min with the phase leader next door, 4-whole lesson out with another teacher 5 - see the head teacher and internally excluded. Only gone as far as 4 so far, its just the niggling things like listening, talking and silliness frustrating me at the moment!! i have been taking minutes off break/lunch too and speaking to parents.

    in the last few days slight improvement so fingers crossed its starting to change!!


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