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Advice please James - What is an term for induction purposes?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by anenglishnqt, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hi James
    I've just applied for a job in an independent school which is part-time (3.5 days a week) and will last for their summer term - 27th April to 1st July inclusive. Is this sufficient time to need to register for induction? I have already completed one full-time term of induction.
    Also, I understand a state school would have to pay me for the holidays as well as I would have worked a third of a term, is it the same in the independent sector?
  2. Hi
    To register for induction you need to be employed for at least one term (i.e. a full term for the school in question) and it does not matter if it is full time or part time. Whoever is regulating the induction for the school (either the Local Authority or the ISCTIP - independent schools council teacher induction panel) will confirm if the period qualifies - so ask the school to check with them. If it does qualify you must have the supoport and timetable reducation given for a NQT in the state sector.
    As for pay and conditions, in private eucation the normal pay and conditions do not apply as such and therefore it is possible that they can employ on just the days worked - I'm not an employment expert - but check on Theogriff's forum - he may give you the full story as he was an independent school head.
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    The minimum assessment period is one term full time so a part time post 3.5 days for only one term would not meet induction requirements. Do check also whether the school has taken anybody through induction in the past a good indicator whether they have registered with an appropriate body and have systems in place to support induction.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    They would have to register you for Induction as you will be there for a term's length but, as Welsh Wizard says, onep/t term will not be enough to complete one Induction term. Being registered as an NQT, though, will protect the time served for Induction purposes if theyask you back for the start of term in September.
    If you are not re-employed at the start of the Autumn term, the time served in the Summer term will null nad void for Induction purposes.
    As for pay, may teachers in the State sector who work on fixed term contracts that end on the last day of term, do NOT get paid for the summer holidays. Those covering a maternity leave, for instance, may have worked the entire school year but find that the postholder 'returns to work' on the first day of the summer holidays and bags full pay for the 6 weeks, whilst the supply teacher gets no holiday pay. (It's why many state supply teachers prefer to get daily supply pay , which includes pro-rata holiday pay, when taking summer term work).

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