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advice please for an nqt

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by marcus0304, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. marcus0304

    marcus0304 New commenter

    Hi all,

    So I have started my first job in year 3 at a school which I thought was going to be right for me due to the friendly welcome etc I got. I had my interview got the job and that was that. Now I have started I am unsure if it is the right school for me, they have schemes for everything and certain lessons are to be taught in almost certain ways and I don't like the teaching style it is very robotic and repetitive. I am also an NQT who is being expected to do 3 clubs during, before and after school. I also did a lot of my training in KS1 and a little in LKS2 and I think I have picked the wrong year group. I am not happy and very miserable and I am seriously thinking of leaving at Xmas. The problem is I have been told that if I hand in my notice there is a chance they school will give me a poor review at the end of my first term and make it a little tricky to get another job. I have contacted my union and have been told this should not happen, but I guess really it could. I just don't know what to do, I am rapidly getting turned off by teaching and I really don't want to be. Can anyone shine any advice on what could be a good move?
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    The NQT assessment report is based upon your progress during the induction. It takes into account lesson observations, discussions with your mentor and a review of books and your planning and marking. It should therefore be based on facts.

    What you do really need to consider is whether you are in the right place and particularly if you are teaching the right year group. If you are unhappy and uncertain you do risk your induction progress. An option to consider is to leave before the end of term which would mean you would not complete a full term and there would not therefore be an assessment report. If you do remain you can resign by end of October to leave at Christmas. Any assessment report is then banked leaving you 2 terms to complete elsewhere.

    Many NQTs now complete an induction in a different school to the one they started in. Life and the induction year is too short to be miserable!
  3. exploration

    exploration New commenter

    If there are schemes for everything and certain ways to teach lessons, I’d take that and run because they’ve effectively cut down on all of your planning massively, which may be a reason for their expectations of more clubs you have to run. I think I’d be happy with that deal tbh. Don’t wish more work for yourself.
  4. marcus0304

    marcus0304 New commenter

    More so when I say a scheme that the majority of subjects have an overall question for a topic or subject over a half term and that is split into 6 lessons which each have a title and the lesson has to relate to that particular title and sometimes it just does not work properly and I have tried to do something different in our topic work and relate what the scheme question says into the lesson and I have been told that it is not right and I need to just stick to the scheme's questions only.
  5. teachingspurs

    teachingspurs New commenter

    I have that too. It is right that you should in your NQT year. I think it would be the same in most places that you go to.
  6. Rivermill

    Rivermill Occasional commenter

    It sounds like the school teaches creative curriculum through a series of learning challenges. Are they absolutely set in stone? Do you have any planning from a previous year that you can look at for ideas? The main objective here is that you are ensuring curriculum coverage across foundation subjects. I would advise that you speak to the curriculum lead in school.

    3 clubs sounds like too much to me. Raise this with your NQT mentor. Is everyone expected to do three clubs?
  7. rachelhughesx

    rachelhughesx New commenter

    I am feeling the exact way you are feeling- also an NQT in Year 3. I was told at interview I would get sent on lots of courses to support my teaching in a different year group but unfortunately this did not happen. I handed my notice in. I just said for personal reasons, did not go into how unhappy I was feeling as I already tried that and the response wasn't great. Now searching for a more supportive school with a key stage I am most comfortable in. It is one of the NQT rights to teach a year group they have trained in. If you want to message me about this feel free. As we're basically in the same position! :)

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