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Advice please - first steps

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by rooster1, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. rooster1

    rooster1 New commenter

    Can't help you with the job fairs questions though there are a couple coming up in London - though you might be a bit late to sign up.
    Look at a school's website check on these forums - people are normally more than happy to give help if you put a cryptic clue up on the forums and PM's are generally fine. There's also the international schools review (***) which costs money to sign up to but is quite informative. It can be a little overly negative but there isn't much that can be done about that, it's human nature to complain more than we praise, it should however give you some good ideas about any pitfalls a school may have.
    Trawl these forums, excessively, obsessively, they're very useful.
  2. one of the best schools in dubai (its initials sound like a girl's name!) has put a few vacancies up on its website & there will be more coming. keep checking dubai college's website too. both schools have excellent reputations and offer the best packages in the city, salary & accomodation wise.
  3. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    And are also quite difficult to get into (generally speaking). Make sure your application is squeaky clean and amazing.
    The other major player has already advertised its vacancies and are interviewing in the next few weeks.

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