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Advice please - Cystic Fibrosis student

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by Di_1985, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I am posting on behalf of my husband who lectures in Public Services.
    He has a student(FE college) who was 'withdrawn' from a sports course and moved to Public Services, without knowing all the details, I believe this was down to his physical capabilities.
    In Public Services, there are units that require physical assessment, such as expedition, which for a CS student in a wheelchair, somewhat limits the options for the whole class(hill walks not an option one would assume?).
    As my husband has had very little guidance on including the CF student (only advice is along the lines of 'he shouldn't be on this course' -beggars belief!) and as he is still technically a trainee teacher, we were hoping somebody here can offer further advice on including this student in more apporopriate ways. My husband will be looking into CF further for any specific exercises etc but would find it a great help if anybody can advise how they have included physically impaired students in physical lessons?
    I have terrible visions of this student alone at the side of a room while the class performs circuits and all this student has is some measly hand weights! Or perhaps inclusivity can only go as far as our capabilities and this is the norm with such students? Also wondering if assessment boards offer alternative assessment for students who cannot complete physical activities for medical reasons?

  2. We have just had this debate (again).
    1. CF may make student ineligable for every UPS - so the course is absolutely the wrong one!
    2. CF students are often wonderful in sports courses - I taught 2 boys in one year who were wheelchairbound and the changes to the course continued after they left cos they were simply great! And such students can go on to work in the industry with some ease!
    All you have to do is look at the (hopefully still existing) disability sports module and use it as a template for the rest of the modules. We invited coaches in from wheelchair basketball, murderbeall (rugby) and had a brilliant day or so of diasbility sport.
    I actually made very few changes to the course, thinking back. I'm assuming the student comes with his own TA who will be able to help - if not he needs a new one.
    As for the practicals that depends on the student - I'm sure there are alternative units somewhere in that long list - contact Edexel and ask, they are usually very helpful.
    The biggest changes were to the rooming (not much hassle these days) and in my thinking about the practical elements - also easy enough with a little bot of lateral thinking and a lot of research. I'd suggest your OH contacts his local Star College or similar and ask them for help.... we did and they were wonderful and the links continue after 5 years.
    These days, imo, no sports teacher/lecturer/coach has any excuse for not being able to accommodate a surprising amount of differently abled students. The info is out there, degrees include it, the BTEC does too.....
    I hope your OH gets some joy from this. Wish him luck from me.

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